Hair growth is not much of a problem until the hair starts thinning and bald patches start to occur.Most men and women, especially the young ones, get concerned with baldness when the amount of hair loss is too much to be overlooked.But when the hair is thick and healthy, only a few take the effort to take good care of this crowning glory.How exactly do you encourage hair regrowth before it becomes too late?Here is a two-way guide that is sure to help you restore a healthy set of hair:1. Promote proper blood circulation through regular exercise.

Basically, the blood carries around the essential nutrients and delivers it within the body system. Regular exercise stimulates blood flow and ensures that all organs, including the hair, are supplied with enough oxygen and nutrients needed for development.2. Maintain a healthy diet by eating the right kinds of food. Eating the right kinds of food is like feeding your hair with the right ingredients. Proteins and vitamins are essential to promote faster hair regrowth and prevent hair loss.• Protein – gives the hair its strength and structure.

Hair is about 70% keratin by nature; and a diet packed with protein supplements the production of keratin in the hair strands. Common protein-rich foods include soy milk, eggs, grains, cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, lean meat, fish, poultry, beans, tofu, lentils, and other legumes.• Vitamin A – assists in the production of healthy sebum in the scalp to protect and moisturize the hair strands. Foods such as cabbages, carrots, fish liver oil, peaches, and apricots are a good source of vitamin A.•

Vitamin C – maintains the strength and resilience of hair against environmental contaminants such as pollution and chemical exposure. It is an antioxidant that maintains the health of both the scalp and hair strands. Foods high in vitamin C are strawberries, acerola cherries, citrus fruits, papayas, kiwi, and bell peppers.This twofold pointer complements the basics in achieving hair regrowth and preventing hair loss. With regular exercise and proper diet, it is never impossible to restore one’s crowning glory and a well-defined body.

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