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Sales-Cloud-Consultant Exam topics

Candidates must know the exam topics before they start of preparation. Because it will really help them in hitting the core. Our Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant exam dumps will include the following topics:

Industry Knowledge: 7%

  • Describe the common marketing processes and key implementation considerations.
  • Describe common sales processes and key implementation considerations.
  • Explain the factors that influence sales metrics, KPIs, and business challenges.

Implementation Strategies: 12%

  • Given a scenario, determine how to facilitate a successful consulting engagement (plan, gather requirements, design, build, test, deploy and document).
  • Given a scenario, determine appropriate sales deployment considerations.
  • Given a scenario, measure the success of a Sales Cloud implementation project.

Sales Cloud Solution Design: 21%

  • Given a set of requirements, design an end-to-end sales process from Lead to Opportunity to Quote to Close to Order.
  • Describe the implementation considerations when designing a sales process. (validation rules,automation, record types, page layouts, and triggers).
  • Explain the capabilities and use cases for Sales Cloud Einstein as it relates to the sales process.
  • Explain the capabilities, use cases, and design considerations when implementing Orders.
  • Given a scenario, analyze customer requirements to determine an appropriate solution design - considering capabilities, limitations, and design trade-offs.
  • Describe the appropriate use cases for Account and Opportunity Teams and the effect on sales roles, visibility, access, and reporting.

Marketing and Leads: 8%

  • Explain how marketing capabilities support the sales process.
  • Describe the best practices for using lead automation tools and campaign management.
  • Given a scenaio, recommend appropriate methods for lead scoring and criteria for lead qualification.
  • Explain the best practices for managing lead data quality.

Account and Contact Management: 13%

  • Explain the various methods for establishing relationships between Accounts and Contacts.
  • Given a scenario, explain when to use third-party data enrichment tools.
  • Given a scenario, explain how the ownership of Account and Contact records drive visibility of related sales information such as Opportunities, Activities, etc.
  • Given a scenario, explain the impact of having an account hierarchy (visibility, maintainability, - reporting).
  • Given a scenario, explain the use cases and implications for implementing person accounts.

Opportunity Management: 13%

  • Describe the implementation considerations of multi-currency and advanced currency management on - Opportunities.
  • Given a scenario, determine the relationships between Opportunities, Products, Product Schedules, - Price, Books, Quotes, and Contracts.
  • Given a set of requirements, determine the appropriate forecasting solution.
  • Given a set of requirements, determine how to support different sales process scenarios for an - Opportunity.
  • Given a scenario, determine the relationships between sales stages, forecast, and pipeline.

Sales Productivity: 9%

  • Describe the use cases and best practices for using Chatter.
  • Given a scenario, identify the appropriate mobile solution to improve sales productivity.
  • Identify use cases and considerations for using email and productivity tools.
  • Given a scenario, determine the key features that help to enable and measure sales productivity and adoption.

Sales Cloud Analytics: 9%

  • Given a scenario, determine permissions and access to Reports and Dashboards.
  • Given a set of desired metrics, determine the appropriate report, dashboard, or reporting snapshot solution.
  • Describe the implementation considerations of multi-currency and advanced currency management on - reports and dashboards.

Integration and Data Management: 8%

  • Explain how integration facilitates the exchange of data between Salesforce organizations.
  • Explain the use cases and considerations for common Sales Cloud integrations.
  • Explain the use cases and considerations for data migration in Sales Cloud.
  • Given a scenario, analyze the implications and design considerations of large data and transaction volumes.

Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Sample Questions (Q160-Q165):

Cloud Kicks recently completed the implementation of a new Sales Cloud solution. The stakeholder committee believes that sales user adoption is best measured by opportunities generated by the sales representatives.
What can the Consultant recommend to measure sales user adoption?

  • A. Provide a report of user logins to show the increase in user adoption.
  • B. Enable sales team and run an Opportunity report with teams to see how many Opportunities have team members on them.
  • C. Refer back to the project plan to see if the goals were met.
  • D. Create a trend report to determine if there is an increase in deals closed.

Answer: A

Universal Containers has a customer base that includes both individual consumers and businesses. The company has implemented Person Accounts in Salesforce and has a custom object for "Policies" that needs to relate to both Person Accounts and business accounts.
What is the minimum configuration on the policy custom object needed to meet this requirement?

  • A. Create a master-detail contact relationship.
  • B. Create a custom contact lookup field.
  • C. Create a contact lookup field and an account lookup field.
  • D. Create a master-detail account relationship.

Answer: D

Cloud Kicks has started its operations in Europe in addition to the U.S. The company has enabled advanced currency management to support both EUR and USD.
Cloud Kicks also has existing roll-up summary fields.

  • A. Where are currency related roll-up summary fields supported?
  • B. From the Opportunity object rolling up the Account object
  • C. From any custom object to the Opportunity object
  • D. From the Opportunity line object to the Opportunity object
  • E. From the Object rolling up to the Opportunity object

Answer: A

Universal Containers has a large sales department that is dispersed worldwide. Sales managers want greater visibility into the opportunities in progress with their respective teams and would like to receive email notifications when key opportunity fields are changed (e.g., amount or sales stage). However, individuals would like to control the frequency of their email notifications. Which solution should a consultant recommend for this scenario?

  • A. Configure the individual Salesforce for Outlook email setting to control notification frequency.
  • B. Define a workflow rule and email task is triggered when key fields are updated to new values.
  • C. Configure the Chatter and its related notification settings to provide relevant updates to interested sales managers.
  • D. Configure the opportunity teams for opportunities so that only interested sales users are receiving notifications.

Answer: C

UC has set accounts, contacts and opportunities to private. Sales Rep manage the account for which they are the account owner. The company also employs sales specialist to assist sales rep on deals. What should a consultant recommended to allow sales specialist to see account information and any opportunity information associated with the account?

  • A. Add the sales specialist to the account team and assign them read access to the opportunity.
  • B. Assign the sales specialist to the same profile as Account owner.
  • C. Share opportunity manually with the sales specialist and assign them read access.
  • D. Assign the sales specialist to the same role in the role hierarchy as account owners.

Answer: A


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