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Tableau TDA-C01 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Apply filters to multiple sheets and data sources
  • Combine sheets into a dashboard by using containers and layout options
Topic 2
  • Choose which data transformation to perform based on a business scenario
  • Choose between live connection or extract
Topic 3
  • Remove gridlines, row-level and column-level bands, and shading
  • Pull data from relational databases by using custom SQL queries
Topic 4
  • Apply responsive design for specific device layouts
  • Configure filter settings including Top N, Bottom N, include, exclude, wildcard, and conditional
Topic 5
  • Replace the connected data source with another data source for an existing chart or sheet
  • Choose when to convert between discrete and continuous
Topic 6
  • Swap sheets by using parameters or sheet selector
  • Schedule data extract refreshes
  • Shape data by using aggregations
Topic 7
  • Use multiple data sources (establish relationships, create joins, union tables, blend data)
  • Choose an appropriate data source
Topic 8
  • Summarize, model, and customize data by using the Analytics feature
  • Prepare data by using Data Interpreter, pivot, and split

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Tableau Certified Data Analyst Sample Questions (Q30-Q35):

You have the following data source in tableau Server.

You need to ensure that the data is updated every hour.
What should you select?

  • A. Connections
  • B. New
  • C. Extract Refreshes
  • D. Connected Workbooks

Answer: C

You have the following line chart that shows the average sales by month.

Which month had the biggest increase in swage sales compared to me previous month in 2019?

  • A. November
  • B. December
  • C. August
  • D. October

Answer: D

You have the Mowing two tables that contains data about the books in a library.

Both tables are incomplete so there are books missing from the tables.
You need to combine the tables. The solution must ensure that all the data is retained Which type of join should you use?

  • A. Inner join
  • B. Right join
  • C. left join
  • D. Full outer join

Answer: A

You publish a dashboard tut uses an attract. The extract refreshes every Monday at 10:00.
You need to ensure that the extract also refreshes on the last day of the month at 18:00.
What should you do?

  • A. From Tableau Server select the workbook select Refresh Extracts and then add a new extract refresh
  • B. From Tableau Desktop, open the Publish Workbook dialog box and configure the schedule.
  • C. From Tableau Server. select Schedules and change the priority of the existing schedule
  • D. From Tableau Server. select Schedules find the schedule of the extract, and change the frequency to the Last day of the month

Answer: D

Open the Link to Book1 found on the desktop. Open Map worksheet and use Superstore data source.
Create a filed map to show the distribution of total Sales by State across the United States.


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