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Salesforce ADX-211 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Prevent Duplicate Records Using Duplicate Management
  • Create Object-Specific Quick Actions
Topic 2
  • Display Multiple Views of Data Using Joined Reports
  • Record Access and Field Visibility
Topic 3
  • Categorize Report Data with Bucketing
  • Understand When to Use Apex and Visualforce for Extending Business Process Automation
Topic 4
  • Build Exception Reports with Cross Filters
  • Build Custom Objects, Tabs, and Apps
Topic 5
  • Extend Summaries in Reports and Dashboards
  • Deploy Changes Using Change Sets
Topic 6
  • Create Relationships Between Objects
  • Use Delegated Administration
Topic 7
  • Understand the Order of Execution for Automated Processes
  • Salesforce Mobile App and Quick Actions

Salesforce Administer, Extend, and Automate Salesforce Sample Questions (Q147-Q152):

As part of their yearly audit, the compliance team at Cloud Kicks would like to track when a user's profile has been changed and who changed the data.
What should the administrator review to meet this requirement?

  • A. Historical Trending
  • B. Field History Tracking
  • C. Setup Audit Trail
  • D. Analytic Snapshot

Answer: C

What is the correct order of steps to follow when working with inbound change sets?

  • A. Validate, Deploy, Monitor
  • B. Monitor, Deploy, Validate
  • C. Deploy, validate, Monitor
  • D. Deploy, Monitor, Validate

Answer: A

Person accounts were recently activated at Cloud Kicks.
There are three record types for accounts:
* B2B customer
* B2C Customer
* External Partner
There are two record types for leads:
* B2B Lead
* B2CLead
The test team finds that when the Convert button is clicked on a B2C Lead record, only the B2B Customer and External Partner account record types are available choices on the Conversion Layout.
What should the administrator do to correct this issue?

  • A. Build a process that updates the record type field to B2C Customer after conversion.
  • B. Hide the Record Type field on the Account section of the Conversion Layout.
  • C. Change organization-wide default settings for contacts to Controlled by Parent.
  • D. Use a validation rule to ensure the company name on B2C Leads is blank.

Answer: A

Sales reps at Ursa Major Solar often give discounts depending on the configuration of the solar panel system. Customers want to know what the different configuration options are. Sales management wants to ensure the opportunity pipeline is as accurate as possible.
What should sales reps do to ensure their quotes and opportunities reflect their sales?

  • A. Update the quote record each time the customer requests a different product configuration, and clicks the sync button to update the opportunity.
  • B. Create new opportunities for each quote request. Change the forecast category to omitted for all except the most likely to be purchased.
  • C. Create a new quote record for each of the different product configurations. Sync the most likely to be purchased back to the opportunity.
  • D. Use the products related list to associate the different configurations with the opportunity. Update the Amount field with the most likely purchase price.

Answer: A

Dream house Realty has created a custom object to track its Open Houses with a master-detail relationship up to a custom object for Properties. Agents need to quickly calculate the number of Open House records in a status or Pending so they can see the value from the Property record.
What feature should the administrator implement?

  • A. Roll-Up Summary
  • B. Lightning Component
  • C. Formula Fields
  • D. visualforce Page

Answer: A


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