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Salesforce Sharing-and-Visibility-Architect Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Design a solution that leverages programmatic sharing functionalities to achieve a requirement
  • Given a particular customer's organization hierarchy describe the impact of role hierarchy on record sharing
Topic 2
  • Design and configuration of the sharing and security model
  • Design and configuration of the sharing and security model
Topic 3
  • Describe how the security and sharing setup can be utilized to properly enforce record visibility
  • Given a customer's particular data storage and data residency requirements
Topic 4
  • Demonstrate your ability to properly evaluate the use case for and implement teams
  • Describe the appropriate use and limitations of relevant object and field level security settings
Topic 5
  • Given a scenario that involves files sharing
  • Describe how files are shared and secured in Salesforce

Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Architect Sample Questions (Q166-Q171):

Universal Containers has selected a small and diverse group of users to review inactive accounts. Given the Private sharing model, a public group was created and made available to this group of users. A sharing rule was created to make inactive Accounts visible to the public group. However some of these users are reporting they don't see any of the Accounts that were shared with the public group.
What is the underlying issue for these users?

  • A. The Accounts are owned by users higher in the role hierarchy.
  • B. The users have a permission set that only allow Accounts in "Active" status.
  • C. The page layout assigned to these users is different than the Account owner.
  • D. The users are in profiles that have no access to the Account object.

Answer: D

Universal Containers has built a recruiting application on the salesforce Platform. HR requested that all internal users should have edit access to the referral custom object. One of the recruiters needed to share a referral record with another colleague for collaboration using manual sharing. The recruiter opened the referral record and could not find the share button. What could be the technical reason for this?

  • A. The Referral object OWD is public Full Access.
  • B. The Referral object OWD is public Read/Write.
  • C. The Referral object OWD is private.
  • D. The Referral object OWD is public Read only.

Answer: B

Universal Containers has Controlled by Parent sharing settings on the Contact object and Public Read Only sharing settings on Account, Opportunity, and Case objects. Which two options can the user see while adding Account team members to the Account?

  • A. Activity Access
  • B. Contact Access
  • C. Opportunity Access
  • D. Case Access

Answer: C,D

Universal Containers would like to control access to records and objects according to the following business requirements:* Sales users can view all Account records but only edit their own records.
* Sales managers view all Account records but only edit records of the team.
* Service users can view all Account records that are not marked with a RecordType of Prospect.
Which organization-wide default configuration should a Salesforce architect recommend to fulfill these requirements?

  • A. Public Read/Transfer
  • B. Private
  • C. Public Read Write
  • D. Public tad Only

Answer: D

Which two are potential vulnerabilities in the following code snippet? <apex:page> <apex:form> <apex:outputText value="Enter Name"/> <apex:inputText value="{!name}" /> <apex:commandButton value="Query" action="{!query}" /> </apex:form> </apex:page> public class SOQLController { public String name { get { return name;} set {name=value;} } public PageReference query() { String qryString='SELECT Id FROM Contact WHERE '+ '(IsDeleted = false and Name like \'%' + name + '%\'}'; queryResult = Database.query(qryString); retunr null; } } Choose 2 answers

  • A. FLS check
  • B. Arbitrary Redirects
  • C. SOQL Injection
  • D. Data Access Control

Answer: C,D


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