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選擇我們高質量的材料MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance最新考題: MuleSoft Certified Integration Architect - Level 1 MAINTENANCE,準備MuleSoft MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance考試很容易


最新的 MuleSoft Certified Architect MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance 免費考試真題 (Q20-Q25):

問題 #20
A company is implementing a new Mule application that supports a set of critical functions driven by a rest API enabled, claims payment rules engine hosted on oracle ERP. As designed the mule application requires many data transformation operations as it performs its batch processing logic.
The company wants to leverage and reuse as many of its existing java-based capabilities (classes, objects, data model etc.) as possible What approach should be considered when implementing required data mappings and transformations between Mule application and Oracle ERP in the new Mule application?

  • A. Create a new metadata RAML classes in Mule from the appropriate Java objects and then perform transformations via Dataweave
  • B. Invoke any of the appropriate Java methods directly, create metadata RAML classes and then perform required transformations via Dataweave
  • C. Transform by calling any suitable Java class from Dataweave
  • D. From the mule application, transform via theXSLT model


問題 #21
A project uses Jenkins to implement CI/CD process. It was observed that each Mule package contains some of the Jenkins files and folders for configurations of CI/CD jobs.
As these files and folders are not part of the actual package, expectation is that these should not be part of deployed archive.
Which file can be used to exclude these files and folders from the deployed archive?

  • A. _unTrackMule
  • B. mulelnclude
  • C. muleignore
  • D. _muleExclude


問題 #22
An insurance provider is implementing Anypoint platform to manage its application infrastructure and is using the customer hosted runtime for its business due to certain financial requirements it must meet. It has built a number of synchronous API's and is currently hosting these on a mule runtime on one server These applications make use of a number of components including heavy use of object stores and VM queues.
Business has grown rapidly in the last year and the insurance provider is starting to receive reports of reliability issues from its applications.
The DevOps team indicates that the API's are currently handling too many requests and this is over loading the server. The team has also mentioned that there is a significant downtime when the server is down for maintenance.
As an integration architect, which option would you suggest to mitigate these issues?

  • A. Change applications by use an event-driven model
  • B. Increase physical specifications of server CPU memory and network
  • C. Add a load balancer and add additional servers in a cluster configuration
  • D. Add a load balancer and add additional servers in a server group configuration


問題 #23
An auto mobile company want to share inventory updates with dealers Dl and D2 asynchronously and concurrently via queues Q1 and Q2. Dealer Dl must consume the message from the queue Q1 and dealer D2 to must consume a message from the queue Q2.
Dealer D1 has implemented a retry mechanism to reprocess the transaction in case of any errors while processing the inventers updates. Dealer D2 has not implemented any retry mechanism.
How should the dealers acknowledge the message to avoid message loss and minimize impact on the current implementation?

  • A. Dealer D1 can use AUTO acknowledgement and dealer D2 must use manual acknowledgement and acknowledge the message after successful processing
  • B. Dealer D1 can use auto acknowledgement and dealer D2 can use IMMEDIATE acknowledgement and acknowledge the message of successful processing
  • C. Dealer D1 and dealer D2 must use AUTO acknowledgement and acknowledge the message after successful processing
  • D. Dealer D1 must use auto acknowledgement and dealer D2 can use manual acknowledgement and acknowledge the message after successful processing


問題 #24
When designing an upstream API and its implementation, the development team has been advised to not set timeouts when invoking downstream API. Because the downstream API has no SLA that can be relied upon.
This is the only donwstream API dependency of that upstream API. Assume the downstream API runs uninterrupted without crashing. What is the impact of this advice?

  • A. A load-dependent timeout of less than 1000 ms will be applied by the Mule runtime in which the downstream API implementation executes.
  • B. A default timeout of 500 ms will automatically be applied by the Mule runtime in which the upstream API implementation executes.
  • C. The invocation of the downstream API will run to completion without timing out.
  • D. An SLA for the upstream API CANNOT be provided.


An SLA for the upstream API CANNOT be provided.

問題 #25

MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance 認證是 MuleSoft 認證體系中增長最快的領域,也是一個國際性的廠商中比較難的認證考試。不過不用擔心,VCESoft 就是一個能使 MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance 認證考試的通過率提高的一個網站,我們的 MuleSoft MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance 考題指南由我們的專業團隊破解MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance 考試系統數據包,經過資深IT認證講師和技術專家精心編輯整理。包括了當前 MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance 考試所有單選題、複選題、實作題、拖拉題等題型。可以幫助考生順利通過考試。


相信我們公司的MuleSoft MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance培訓資料PDF版本能幫助您通過考試,確認您考試合格,如果你想參加這個考試,那麼VCESoft的MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance考古題可以幫助你輕鬆通過考試,MuleSoft MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance最新考題 在IT行業工作的你應該怎樣提升自己的水準呢,學習資料更新的頻率,將VCESoft MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance權威考題的產品加入購物車吧,VCESoft MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance權威考題可以在互聯網上為你提供24小時線上客戶服務,VCESoft MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance權威考題經驗豐富的工作人員致力於技術的革新和為客戶提供高質量的服務,VCESoft MCIA-Level-1-Maintenance權威考題不僅可以幫助你通過考試,還可以幫助你學習最新的知識。

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