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Salesforce OMS-435 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Integration Procedures and OmniStudio Data Tools
  • Explore OmniStudio Tools and Resources
Topic 2
  • Connect an Interaction Launcher to a Console Toolbar
  • FlexCards and Omnistudio Interaction Consoles
Topic 3
  • Learn How Data Flows Between OmniScripts and Integration Procedures
  • Configure Conditions to Display Different Flexcard States
Topic 4
  • Build Integration Procedures and DataRaptors for OmniScripts and FlexCards
  • Assign Data Sources to FlexCards, Including External Data Sources
Topic 5
  • Learn How OmniStudio uses Salesforce sObjects and Fields
  • Design and Build Simple and Complex OmniScripts

Salesforce Build Guided Experiences with OmniStudio Sample Questions (Q44-Q49):

Refer to the exhibit.

All inputs to the Calculation Matric are set correctly.
The Calculation Matrix has the following input:

What is the output?

  • A. 12.99,13.99
  • B. 12.99
  • C. 13.99
  • D. Null

Answer: B

A customer sets up to LWC Omniscripts, one embedded into another. Account is set in a Set Values element in the parent Omniscript.
The AccountId set in the parent Omniscript is used to another Set Values element ContextAccountid in the embedded OmniScript. The embedded Omniscript is activated.
While previewing the OmniScript flow from the parent, it is found that Account is set correctly in the parent OmniScript. However. ContextAccountId in the embedded OmniScript is not set with the AccountId from parent Omniscript. On previewing the embedded OmniScript individually, it is found that ContextAccountId is set correctly.
What is the reason for this? Refer to the exhibit below.

  • A. The LWC PubSub Message flag in the Set Values action of the parent has not been set.
  • B. The flag passDataJSON in the parent OmniScript in not configured correctly.
  • C. Both parent and embedded OmniScripts have the same element name for the Set values element.
  • D. A developer failed to include a Navigation Element to pass data from the parent OmniScript.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit below. A developer has configured an integration Procedure element with Additional input.
Alternatively, how could the developer configure SEND/RESPONSE TRNSFORMATION to send exactly the same data? Assume the developer has un-checked Send Only Additional input.

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Answer: C

A developer has an existing DataRaptor Load that insert Contact records with inputs as LastName and firstName. The DataRaptor works as expected when previewed.
The developer creates an integration Procedure to test the DataRaptor and is using a SetValues element in the Integration Procedure to set the first name and last name for the contact record. The DataRaptor and Integration Procedure are set up as shown in the exhibit below.

When the developer executes the Integration procedure in preview, the following error message displays: Required fields are missing: [last Name]'', How should the developer address this issue?

  • A. SetValuesContactDetails should have been added to Additional input of DataRaptor Post Action in Integration Procedure
  • B. The DataRaptor Post Action in the integration procedure should have been executed before the Set Values Action
  • C. The valid field names should be added in the Domain object field in the DataRaptor
  • D. The Set values Action Keys should include the DataRaptor Post Action element name path, e,g LoadContactDetails, lastname

Answer: A

A developer creates a new FlexCard to display customer data and actions, such as updating billing information and changing the contact for the customer account. The FlexCard contains 10 fields and 5 actions.
During testing, several fields display with the correct data, but one of the fields shows only the label.
What could cause this?

  • A. {recordld} us misspelled in the Data Source Input Map.
  • B. There are no test parameters configured.
  • C. The fields have exceeded the maximum number allowed on the card.
  • D. The field is null 0 the Salesforce record.

Answer: C


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