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Cisco 820-605 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Create an adoption campaign to identify expand opportunities
  • Compare customer success, customer support and sales
Topic 2
  • Explain the purpose of essential customer management activities
  • Explain the elements of customer on boarding
Topic 3
  • Describe sources used to identify customer barriers
  • Explain the value proposition for customer success
Topic 4
  • Identify potential expansion opportunities across the customer life cycle from a customer success plan
  • Identify key stakeholder roles
Topic 5
  • Account data and scoreboard review
  • Customer and industry observations
  • Feature matrix utilization
Topic 6
  • Capturing moments of success
  • Deployment planning
  • Service subscriptions
  • Identify customer barriers

Introduction to Cisco 820-605: Cisco Customer Success Manager Exam

This 820-605 exam test would test Field Engineers on their understanding of the FlexPod approach. This evaluation measures the candidate's awareness of configuring the FlexPod solution components and involves handling and troubleshooting certain components in a practical multi-hypervisor network. Around the same time, this analysis assesses the candidate's understanding of how the FlexPod approach aligns with the data center design.

Cisco Customer Success Manager Sample Questions (Q22-Q27):

Which two actions should the Customer Success Manager take throughout the quarter to support their customer? (Choose two.)

  • A. No action is necessary as long as the health index is green
  • B. Manage the service issues and escalations
  • C. Review and update the success plan for ongoing activities
  • D. Join the sales and marketing strategy meetings
  • E. Observe the online image of the customer

Answer: B,C

In an onboarding session, introductions to new stakeholders were made, new KPIs were step does the Customer Success Manager take next?

  • A. Document the session, stakeholder interests, and metrics for leadership.
  • B. Provide technical configuration for development.
  • C. Discuss new opportunities and new products to purchase.
  • D. Create a success plan to be reviewed with the customer at the next review meeting.

Answer: A

The customer wants to increase theit market share and protect brands reputation. Which two business outcomes are critical to the company's success? (Choose two )

  • A. credibility
  • B. sustainability
  • C. risk management
  • D. cost efficiency
  • E. business growth

Answer: A,E

Which one of the following solutions enable business outcomes in the financial industry?

  • A. Multilayer Switching
  • B. Remote Expert
  • C. Medianet
  • D. Plant Floor Control Network
  • E. Internet of Everything

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

The graph shows a customer with n software product and highlights the number of paid-for licenses (shown with the orange tine) and the number of users actively using the product (shown with the blue line).
Which statement about the customer is true?

  • A. The customer's usage is too low to correctly measure the chance of their retention.
  • B. The customer has increased usage, which shows a strong indicator of renewal.
  • C. The customers usage has seen a recent decline and the chance of them churning will be higher.
  • D. The customer has a high probability to renew and will include an expanded opportunity.

Answer: A


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