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Oracle 1z0-1071-22 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Backend Integration and Channels
  • Navigation using Dialog Flows
  • Handle Out-of-order messages
Topic 2
  • Handle errors in Conversation Design
  • Implement Digital Assistant Intents and Interactions
Topic 3
  • Create, Build and Implement a Custom Component and Embedded Container Service
  • Resolve Entities in Dialog Flows
Topic 4
  • Implement Testing, Platform Versions and Best Practices
  • Describe Digital Assistant and Smart Dialogs
Topic 5
  • Explain architecture of Oracle Digital Assistant
  • Describe Plan and Personality in Conversation Design

Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2022 Professional Sample Questions (Q45-Q50):

Youhavea use casethat calls foruserstoenteraseriesofcomplexvalues.
What wouldyoudoto ensurethatusers enterthese values correctly with the least effort?

  • A. Use asystem.commonResponsecomponenttoaggregateand validateuserinput.
  • B. Createa webviewservicewhichconnectsthe skilltoa webappthat renders as a form andprovidesfeatures such asinputvalidation andoptionbuttons.
  • C. Createa dedicated skillforcollecting and validatinginputandpairitwith a skillforprocessingthe validatedinput.
  • D. Create a compositebagentityfor thetypesofvalues,and then adda regexentity tohandle validation.

Answer: D

What statement correctly describes the Authentication Service ion Oracle Digital Assistant?

  • A. The Authentication Service authenticates users to Oracle Identity Cloud Service. It provides customizable login screens thatare displayed in the context of a user-bot conversation.
  • B. The Authentication Service holds the identity provider configuration that is used at run time in Oracle Digital Assistant to retrieve an access token that authorizes REST service calls.
  • C. The Authentication Service authenticates Oracle Digital Assistant users to a social media identity provider (for example, Facebook) and associates social media accounts with accounts stored in the Oracle Identity Cloud Service.
  • D. The Authentication Service allows bot designers to configure a custom webhook to authenticate and authorize users using the System.OauthAccountLink component.

Answer: D

In a validation loop, users are repeatedly asked to enter the same information, thereby preventing them from transitioning to a different dialoq flow state in a conversation.
What is causing the validation loop?

  • A. The input component associated with a state references a variable of an entity type and the maxPrompts property is not set.
  • B. The keepTurn property of the input component is set to true and the maxPrompts property is set to a value greater than 0.
  • C. The nlpResultvariable property of the input component points to "iResult", which is a variable of type
  • D. The dialog flow state uses an input component that references a nonentity type variable. The same dialog flow state is referenced in the next transition.

Answer: B

When testing your skill, you notice that two of its intents consistently rank as the top two, resolving within just a few points of each other.
Given the unpredictable nature of which intent gets the top score, what would you do to allow the skill user to choose the correct intent?

  • A. Keep adding training data until you get a predictable result every time.
  • B. For each intent, create an entity of phrases that are distinct to each intent, and add the appropriate entity to the corresponding intent.
  • C. Change the Confidence Win Margin so that both intents are offered to the user.
  • D. Change the Confidence Threshold during your testing until the correct intent always wins.
  • E. Change the Explicit Invocation Threshold to zero to ensure that the correct intent is picked up when the user mentions the name of the intent.

Answer: E

Which two statements about using the OAuth2 client credential grant type in Oracle Digital Assistant are correct?

  • A. You use the Oracle Digital Assistant Authentication Service with the system. 0Auth2client component to obtain a client credential access token.
  • B. The user must be logged in toan identity service provider using his or her username and password to obtain a client credential access token
  • C. The client credential grant type requires the system.OAuth2AccountLink component to obtain a token that propagates a user's identity between distributed systems.
  • D. The OAuth2 client credential grant type uses the system. Webview built-in componentto perform social media login.
  • E. The OAuth2 client credential grant type does not require a bot user to authenticate and instead uses a shared clientld and secret.

Answer: A,E


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