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New Job Roles to Apply For

The Splunk Core Certified User certification is your pathway to in-demand big data job roles in Splunk attracts extremely lucrative job titles, with multiple opportunities to help you advance. Generally, certification holders report a sharp increase in their earning potential, hitting up to $88,417 annually, according to Payscale.com. Even starters report attractive salaries compared to their fellows without relevant background skills and technical experience. Specific job titles that you can obtain using this certificate include the following with the average annual salaries as per the Payscale.com website:

  • Technical Service Manager - $79,218;
  • Systems Engineer - $80,624;
  • Software Engineer - $86,442;
  • Programming Analyst - $66,827;
  • Security Engineer - $91,999.

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Designing & Using Lookups (6%)

As you may probably guess, this area will exclusively focus on your ability to use lookups. And to do so, it will address these skills:

  • Configuring an automatic lookup;
  • Creating a lookup file and dealing with a lookup notion;
  • Checking a lookup file instance;
  • Describing lookups;
  • Taking advantage of the lookup when it comes to searches.

Splunk Core Certified User Sample Questions (Q184-Q189):

The command shown here does witch of the following: Command: |outputlookup products.csv

  • A. Returns the contents of a file named products.csv
  • B. Writes search results to a file named products.csv

Answer: B

You can on-board data to Splunk using following means (Choose four.):

  • A. Props
  • B. indexes.conf
  • C. CLI
  • D. savedsearches.conf
  • E. metadata.conf
  • F. Splunk Web
  • G. Splunk apps and add-ons
  • H. inputs.conf

Answer: C,F,G,H

When placed early in a search, which command is most effective at reducing search execution time?

  • A. fields +
  • B. rename
  • C. dedup
  • D. sort -

Answer: A

Which statement is true about Splunk alerts?

  • A. Alerts are based on searches and when triggered will only send an email notification.
  • B. Alerts are based on searches and require cron to run on scheduled interval.
  • C. Alerts are based on searches that are either run on a scheduled interval or in real-time.
  • D. Alerts are based on searches that are run exclusively as real-time.

Answer: C

What user interface component allows for time selection?

  • A. Time range picker
  • B. Data source time statistics
  • C. Search time picker
  • D. Time summary

Answer: A


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