Itexamdump는 가장 효율높은 Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant시험대비방법을 가르쳐드립니다. 저희 Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant덤프는 실제 시험문제의 모든 범위를 커버하고 있어 Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant덤프의 문제만 이해하고 기억하신다면 제일 빠른 시일내에 시험패스할수 있습니다. 경쟁율이 심한 IT시대에 Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant시험 패스만으로 이 사회에서 자신만의 위치를 보장할수 있고 더욱이는 한층 업된 삶을 누릴수도 있습니다.

Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant 시험요강:

주제 1
  • Evaluate the similarities, differences, and relationships between Education Cloud account model considerations
주제 2
  • Explain data management considerations
  • Install and configure Education Cloud
주제 3
  • Discuss the capabilities and considerations of Education Cloud
  • Design an appropriate and scalable solution for education customers
주제 4
  • Demonstrate when a data analytics solution is appropriate
  • Explain the Education Cloud solution for K-12 customers
주제 5
  • Evaluate integration considerations for connecting systems in an Education Cloud implementation
  • Distinguish between reporting solutions in Education Cloud
주제 6
  • Decide when to use Education Cloud, other Salesforce solutions, community open source solutions, and third-party applications

>> Education-Cloud-Consultant인증시험 덤프공부 <<

시험준비에 가장 좋은 Education-Cloud-Consultant인증시험 덤프공부 덤프문제

Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant인증시험은 현재IT인사들 중 아주 인기 잇는 인증시험입니다.Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant시험패스는 여러분의 하시는 일과 생활에서 많은 도움을 줄뿐만 아니라 중요한 건 여러분의IT업계에서의 자기만의 자리를 지키실 수 잇습니다.이렇게 좋은 시험이니 많은 분들이 응시하려고 합니다,하지만 패스 율은 아주 낮습니다.

최신 Salesforce Consultant Education-Cloud-Consultant 무료샘플문제 (Q86-Q91):

질문 # 86
An Admissions office wants to digitize and automate transcript requests. Currently, applicants, must follow a set of manual steps they could be more user friendly. The Admissions office wants a declaratively configured, publish facing from that created data in Salesforce.
Which solution should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

  • A. Email-to-case
  • B. Salesforce Files
  • C. App on the AppExchange
  • D. Process Builder


질문 # 87
A private school wants to use Salesforce to manage students, their parents, staff operations, and fundraising.
The school wants to use the Education Data Architecture (EDA) and to create Giving Pages.
What is a compatibility consideration the consultant should discuss with the school?

  • A. Accounting Subledger is installed.
  • B. Elevate is incompatible with Advisor Link.
  • C. Person Accounts must be enabled.
  • D. Gift Entry Manager is required.


질문 # 88
The Executive Education department uses Salesforce to track sales of custom education programs to corporations and organizations. The department director needs to know the pipeline of custom programs.
How should the consultant meet this business requirement?

  • A. Configure a list view.
  • B. Set up an Affiliations report.
  • C. Use an Opportunity report.
  • D. Create custom report type.


질문 # 89
The VP of Development is preparing to visit the university's top supporters. The VP wants to maximize travel time by prioritizing pledges. that are most likely to close.
Which reporting solution should the consultant recommend?

  • A. Einstein Forecasting
  • B. Einstein Opportunity Scoring
  • C. Salesforce Maps
  • D. Opportunity Funnel Report


질문 # 90
A university is implementing Advisor Link and needs to test the integration with its Student Information System (SIS), and provide training space for advisors. The university needs access to some of the data from the production org for the advisor training.
Which two types of sandboxes meet this use case?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Partial Sandbox
  • B. Developer Sandbox
  • C. Full Sandbox
  • D. Developer Pro Sandbox


질문 # 91

우리Itexamdump 에서는 여러분들한테 아주 편리하고 시간 절약함과 바꿀 수 있는 좋은 대책을 마련하였습니다. Itexamdump에서는Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant인증시험관련가이드로 효과적으로Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant시험을 패스하도록 도와드리겠습니다.만약 여러분이 다른 사이트에서도 관련덤프자료를 보셨을 경우 페이지 아래를 보시면 자료출처는 당연히 Itexamdump 일 것입니다. Itexamdump의 자료만의 제일 전면적이고 또 최신 업데이트일것입니다.

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