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Salesforce Certified Platform Developer CRT-450 Dumps Provided Study Notes

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  • Entity relationships.
  • Declarative automation features vs. Apex classes and triggers.
  • Apex Development.
  • Apex control flow statements.
  • Lightning Platform Applications.
  • Multi-tenant environment.
  • SOSL, SOQL, and DML statements
  • mapping to the MVC pattern.
  • Write Visual force controllers.
  • Data model.
  • Heroku platform.

Overview about SALESFORCE CRT-450 Exam

  • Passing Score: 65%
  • Format: Multiple choice, multiple answer
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Length of Examination: 110 minutes

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Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I Sample Questions (Q131-Q136):

Which two SOSL searches will returns records matching search criteria contained in any of the searchable texts fields on an object? Choose 2 answers

  • A. [FIND 'Acme*' IN ANY FIELDS RETURNING Account,Opportunity];
  • B. [FIND 'Acme*' IN TEXT FIELDS RETURNING Account,Opportunity];
  • C. [FIND 'Acme*' RETURNING Account,Opportunity];
  • D. [FIND 'Acme*' IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING Account,Opportunity];

Answer: C,D

A developer wants to display all of the picklist entries for the Opportunity StageName field and all of the available record types for the Opportunity object on a Visualforce page.
Which two actions should the developer perform to get the available picklist values and record types in the controller? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use Schema.RecordTypeInfo returned by RecordType.SObjectType.getDescribe().getRecordTypeInfos().
  • B. Use Schema.PicklistEntry returned by Opportunity.StageName.getDescribe().getPicklistValues ().
  • C. Use Schema.PicklistEntry returned by Opportunity.SObjectType.getDescribe().getPicklistValues ().
  • D. Use Schema.RecordTypeInfo returned by Opportunity.SObjectType.getDescribe().getRecordTypeInfos().

Answer: C,D


Which two queries can a developer use in a visualforce controller to protect against SOQL injection Vulnerabilities? Choose 2 answers

  • A. String qryName = '%' + String.escpaeSingleQuotes(name)+ '%'; String qryString = 'SELECT Id FROM Contact WHERE Name LIKE :qryNAme'; List queryResults = Database.query(qryString);
  • B. String qryName = '%' + String.enforceSecurityChecks(name)+ '%'; String qryString = 'SELECT Id FROM Contact WHERE Name LIKE :qryNAme'; List queryResults = Database.query(qryString);
  • C. String qryName = '%' + name '%'; String qryString = 'SELECT Id FROM Contact WHERE Name LIKE
    :qryNAme'; List queryResults = Database.query(qryString);
  • D. String qryString = 'SELECT Id FROM Contact WHERE Name LIKE :qryNAme'; List queryResults = Database.query(qryString);

Answer: B,D

What si the debug output of the following apex code? Decimal thevalue; system.debug(thevalue);

  • A. Null
  • B. Undefined
  • C. 0
  • D. 0.0

Answer: A

Which two are phases in the Salesforce Application Event propagation framework? (Choose two.)

  • A. Default
  • B. Control
  • C. Bubble
  • D. Emit

Answer: A,C


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