CertShikenは実際の環境で本格的なCrowdStrikeのCCFA-200「CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Administrator」の試験の準備過程を提供しています。もしあなたは初心者若しくは専門的な技能を高めたかったら、CertShikenのCrowdStrikeのCCFA-200「CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Administrator」の試験問題があなたが一歩一歩自分の念願に近くために助けを差し上げます。試験問題と解答に関する質問があるなら、当社は直後に解決方法を差し上げます。しかも、一年間の無料更新サービスを提供します。

CrowdStrike CCFA-200 認定試験の出題範囲:

トピック 1
  • Determine which reports to use when reporting on information relating to a host
  • Apply appropriate settings to successfully install a Falcon sensor on Windows, Linux and macOS
トピック 2
  • Resolve policy settings, permissions and threshold issues
  • Apply basic sensor install requirements and installation processes
トピック 3
  • Create a new user, delete a user and edit a user, etc
  • Describe the capabilities and limitations of each RTR role
トピック 4
  • Explain what precedence does regarding prevention policies
  • Determine roles required for access to features and functionality in the Falcon console
トピック 5
  • Explain the differences between the visibility and hunting reports
  • Explain what information is in the Falcon UI Audit Trail Report
トピック 6
  • Describe policy types, components, application and workflow
  • Propose how filtering might be used in the Host Management page
トピック 7
  • Describe what precedence does regarding sensor update policies
  • Create custom IOA rules to monitor behavior that is not fundamentally malicious
トピック 8
  • Explain what Machine Learning is "on sensor" vs. “the cloud”
  • Explain the impact of reduced functionality mode (RFM) and why it might be caused
トピック 9
  • Explain what information can be found in the visibility reports
  • Explain where build versions are visible for a single sensor or across your environment

>> CCFA-200日本語参考 <<


CCFA-200試験に合格しなかった、または難しすぎると認定試験を放棄したい場合は、CrowdStrike認定を取得した後にその利点について考えてください。 多くの特別なポジションでは、従業員に資格が必要です。 試験に合格することが非常に難しいと思われる場合は、CCFA-200有効な試験問題集PDFが目標の達成に役立ちます。 試験資料は実際のテストセンターから収集され、経験豊富な専門家によって編集されます。 100%の合格率が必要な場合、CCFA-200有効な試験対策PDFが役立ちます。

CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Administrator 認定 CCFA-200 試験問題 (Q20-Q25):

質問 # 20
How do you assign a policy to a specific group of hosts?

  • A. Assign a tag to the desired hosts in Host Management. Create a group with an assignment rule based on that tag. Go to the Assignment tab of the desired policy and click "Add Groups to Policy." Select the desired Group(s).
  • B. Create a group containing the desired hosts using "Dynamic Assignment." Go to the Assigned Host Groups tab of the desired policy and select criteria such as OU, OS, Hostname pattern, etc.
  • C. Create a group containing the desired hosts using "Static Assignment." Go to the Assigned Host Groups tab of the desired policy and dick "Add groups to policy." Select the desired Group(s).
  • D. On the Assignment tab of the desired policy, select "Static" assignment. From the next window, select the desired hosts (using fitters if needed) and click Add.


質問 # 21
When creating new IOCs in IOC management, which of the following fields must be configured?

  • A. Hash, Description, Filename
  • B. Hash, Action and Expiry Date
  • C. Hash, Platform and Action
  • D. Filename, Severity and Expiry Date


質問 # 22
What is the purpose of a containment policy?

  • A. To define the duration of Network Containment
  • B. To define the trigger under which a machine is put in Network Containment (e.g. a critical detection)
  • C. To define which Falcon analysts can contain endpoints
  • D. To define allowed IP addresses over which your hosts will communicate when contained


質問 # 23
How can a Falcon Administrator configure a pop-up message to be displayed on a host when the Falcon sensor blocks, kills or quarantines an activity?

  • A. By enabling "Upload quarantined files" in the General Settings configuration page
  • B. By ensuring each user has set the "pop-ups allowed" in their User Profile configuration page
  • C. By turning on the "Notify End Users" setting at the top of the Prevention policy details configuration page
  • D. By selecting "Enable pop-up messages" from the User configuration page


質問 # 24
Where in the Falcon console can information about supported operating system versions be found?

  • A. Configuration module
  • B. Discover module
  • C. Intelligence module
  • D. Support module


質問 # 25

そんなに多くの人はCrowdStrike CCFA-200試験に合格できるのに興味がわきますか。人に引けをとりたくないあなたはCrowdStrike CCFA-200資格認定を取得したいですか。ここで、彼らはCCFA-200試験にうまく合格できる秘訣は我々社の提供する質高いCrowdStrike CCFA-200問題集を利用したことだと教えます。弊社のCrowdStrike CCFA-200問題集を通して復習してから、真実的に自分の能力の向上を感じ、CCFA-200資格認定を受け取ります。

CCFA-200対応資料: https://www.certshiken.com/CCFA-200-shiken.html