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What is the Fortinet NSE7_OTS-6.4 Exam?

Fortinet NSE7_OTS-6.4 certification is an internationally recognized certification for professionals in the area of network security who want to validate their technical skills and knowledge. Candidates must pass one exam that covers five domains - network security, routing, switching, infrastructure management, security management and troubleshooting. Fortinet NSE7_OTS-6.4 certification exam is a significant step in boosting your career as a Network Security Engineer. Achieving NSE7_OTS-6.4 certification will prove that you are capable of designing secure enterprise networks, and will command much higher salary compared to the average here at Fortinet. Software offer updates, security patches and updates for your software for free. Files success format is a zip file. It contains all the files of the exam so you can extract any file and import it into your exam as a practice. Online passed NSE7_OTS-6.4 exam test and certification with NSE7_OTS-6.4 exam dumps. Service style scores are determined by the amount of time that you spend on your exam. The better your preparation, the higher your service style score. Rest dream smarter extremely valuable knowledge in our NSE7_OTS-6.4 exam study guide.

The Importance of Fortinet NSE7_OTS-6.4 Exam

Fortinet NSE7_OTS-6.4 Exam is one of the most important exams that you should pass before you can apply for a job with Fortinet. You should be able to pass the exam before you apply for a job because passing the exam will help you gain credibility with your future employers and will help you show them that you have the knowledge and experience to be successful in your job. The NSE7_OTS-6.4 certification exam can be very useful for some people, especially for IT professionals. There are many IT professionals who want to get the Fortinet NSE7_OTS-6.4 Certification Exam after preparing with NSE7_OTS-6.4 exam dumps, so they can have better job opportunities and earn more money in the future. Braindumps customer material is a very important part of the Fortinet NSE7_OTS-6.4 training material. The experts have designed the updated Fortinet NSE7_OTS-6.4 Certification Exam questions, which will bring you the confidence to pass the Fortinet NSE7_OTS-6.4 exam for the first time. Unique multiple assured answers, pass rate guarantee.

Fortinet NSE7_OTS-6.4 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Explain network visibility with FortiNAC
  • Build OT security dashboard with FortiSIEM
Topic 2
  • Implement IPS to secure OT networks
  • Monitoring and risk assessment
Topic 3
  • Configure the security fabric for OT network
  • Implement application control for industrial applications
Topic 4
  • Customize and generate reports with FortiAnalyzer and FortiSIEM
  • Implement logging and monitoring with FortiAnalyzer and FortiSIEM

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Fortinet NSE 7 - OT Security 6.4 Sample Questions (Q35-Q40):

Refer to the exhibit.

Based on the topology designed by the OT architect, which two statements about implementing OT security are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. IT and OT networks are separated by segmentation.
  • B. FortiGate-3 and FortiGate-4 devices must be in a transparent mode.
  • C. Firewall policies should be configured on FortiGate-3 and FortiGate-4 with industrial protocol sensors.
  • D. Micro-segmentation can be achieved only by replacing FortiGate-3 and FortiGate-4 with a pair of FortiSwitch devices.

Answer: A,B

Which three criteria can a FortiGate device use to look for a matching firewall policy to process traffic? (Choose three.)

  • A. Source defined as internet services in the firewall policy
  • B. Destination defined as internet services in the firewall policy
  • C. Lowest to highest policy ID number
  • D. Services defined in the firewall policy.
  • E. Highest to lowest priority defined in the firewall policy

Answer: B,D,E

The three criteria that a FortiGate device can use to look for a matching firewall policy to process traffic are:
1. Services defined in the firewall policy - FortiGate devices can match firewall policies based on the services defined in the policy, such as HTTP, FTP, or DNS.
2. Destination defined as internet services in the firewall policy - FortiGate devices can also match firewall policies based on the destination of the traffic, including destination IP address, interface, or internet services.
3. Highest to lowest priority defined in the firewall policy - FortiGate devices can prioritize firewall policies based on the priority defined in the policy. The device will process traffic against the policy with the highest priority first and move down the list until it finds a matching policy.
Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.4 Study Guide, Chapter 4: Policy Implementation, page 4-18.

Refer to the exhibit

In the topology shown in the exhibit, both PLCs can communicate directly with each other, without going through the firewall.
Which statement about the topology is true?

  • A. There is no micro-segmentation in this topology.
  • B. PLCs use IEEE802.1Q protocol to communicate each other.
  • C. An administrator can create firewall policies in the switch to secure between PLCs.
  • D. This integration solution expands VLAN capabilities from Layer 2 to Layer 3.

Answer: A

Which three methods of communication are used by FortiNAC to gather visibility information? (Choose three.)

  • B. ICMP
  • C. SNMP
  • E. API

Answer: C,D,E

Refer to the exhibit.

Based on the Purdue model, which three measures can be implemented in the control area zone using the Fortinet Security Fabric? (Choose three.)

  • A. FortiSIEM for security incident and event management
  • B. FortiEDR for endpoint detection
  • C. FortiGate for application control and IPS
  • D. FortiNAC for network access control
  • E. FortiGate for SD-WAN

Answer: B,C,D


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