If you are a newcomer to the lesbian sex then you might have hired a lesbian escort for the first time. Or, if you are just thinking to hire a lesbian escort then ENB would be the best platform for connecting with a suitable lesbian partner. There, you will find a huge collection of gorgeous lesbian hotties, just based on your expectations, you need to choose a lesbian companion for enjoying the best sexual services.

Before knowing the tips, you should know what is lesbian sex and how it works.

Lesbian sex is all about mutual masturbation, enjoying cunnilingus, using various sex toys, and playing with each other erogenous zones. Well, it can work in different ways but all are about how to stimulate in the most sensual way. For instance, it can be divided into various categories such as oral, manual, and tribbing.

Oral sex is all about mixed-sexcouples in which there would be stimulation of erogenous zones of the vagina via using the mouth as well as the tongue. In manual stimulation, there is the proper use of fingers as well as hands, for instance, the art of playing around the clitoris or vaginal opening. And finally, Tribbing is all about rubbing the private parts for enjoying the best pleasures.

Tips on enjoying lesbian sex for the first time with a gorgeous hottie

Lesbian sex is not about fast or hard rules; it asks only for fun and comfort. If you are looking for sex tips for enjoying sex with a lesbian partner then here you go:

Keep the communication open: You should just feel comfortable with each other; just ask your partner as well as think about yourself then try the sexual positions which would be comfortable for both of you. If you are feeling nervous because it is your first time then you should try to tell your partner about it and then only, both of you will feel connected with each other.

Bring sexual toys would be fun: It would be best for bringing sex toys into the session then only, both of you will be able to experience the amazing pleasures with each other. It will help in building great anticipation with each other, so go for sex toys without any other thought.

Consent plays an important role in enjoying a better sexual session: You should always ask for the consent of your partner then only, both of you can have great fun with each other. Or, just book the lesbian Canberra escorts girls who is already ready for the services that you are looking for so that, both of you can have a great time together.

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