The Necromancer, similar to the Sorcerer, is among the most formidable classes in d4 items. Not only is it able to sling spells or inflict debilitating debuffs on enemies, additionally, but it may also summon a little army of skeletons armed toward the teeth. This is perhaps among the easiest classes to experience effectively, as you will mostly depend on your skeletons to complete your bidding for you personally.

Diablo 4

However, if you’re searching for a more active playstyle, you are able to choose to forgo such minions, and may instead the blood and corpses of the foes against them in devastating ways. Capable of dealing serious single-target and area-of-effect damage, the Necromancer is very well-rounded. The only thing it lacks is any clear escape, which you’ll wish to keep in mind when designing your own builds.

The Diablo 4 beta caps characters at level 25, which limits the number of skill points you are able to initially receive. You can earn skill points by upping your renown by — among different ways — searching for the large number of Altars of Lilith within the Fractured Peaks region. Here are the very best Necromancer skills to go into d4 items.


Bone Splinters → Enhanced Bone Splinters → Initiates Bone Splinters

Blood Lance → Enhanced Blood Lance → Paranormal Blood Lance

Skeletal Warrior Mastery 3/3

Skeletal Warriors - Reaper: Reapers possess a 15% opportunity to carve the flesh from enemies, forming a Corpse

Iron Maiden → Enhanced Iron Maiden → Horrid Iron Maiden

Amplify Damage 3/3

Skeletal Mage Mastery 3/3

Skeletal Mages - Bone: Reduce the Life cost of the Bone Mages’ attack from 15% to 10%. After being alive for 5 seconds, Bone Mages deal 40% increased damage.

Serration → Compound Fracture → Evulsion

Army from the Dead


Bone Splinters → Enhanced Bone Splinters → Initiates Bone Splinters

Blood Lance → Enhanced Blood Lance → Paranormal Blood Lance

Blood Surge → Enhanced Blood Surge → Paranormal Blood Surge

Skeletal Warriors - Skirmishers: Your Critical Strike is increased by 5%, but you are able to no longer raise Skeletal Warriors

Corpse Explosion → Enhanced Corpse Explosion → Blighted Corpse Explosion

Iron Maiden → Enhanced Iron Maiden → Abhorrent Iron Maiden

Decrepify → Enhanced Decrepify

Amplify Damage 3/3

Skeletal Mages - Bone Mages: Your Overpower damage is increased by 30%, but you are able to no longer raise Skeletal Mages.

Reaper’s Pursuit → Gloom

Army from the Dead


Skeletons would be the bread and butter associated with a Necromancer build. You’ll wish to prioritize purchasing Skeleton Warrior and Skeleton Mage Mastery. As far as basic skills go, Bone Splinters is ideal for inflicting enemies with Vulnerable. This can make said enemies receive 20% more damage to your stuff and your skeletons, an advantage that speaks for itself.

Skeletons offer a buffer for you personally against bosses, and depending on how you decide to specialize your skeletons, they are able to also tank for you personally against bosses if you decide to go the road alone. There are a total of three different specialized trees you are able to choose from for the Skeletal Warriors and Mages, each having its very own benefits. Playing around with this particular will be integral to how you decide to tackle World Events — such as the World Boss Ashava the Pestilent — in Sanctuary.

Debuffs will also be extremely important to the Necromancer. Using skills like Iron Maiden to improve the amount of damage they'll take off your stuff and your army from the undead is very helpful. Taking this skill in tandem with Amplify Damage can make a huge difference with regard to your overall damage output.

As stated earlier, Necromancers can decide to go with no trusty skeletons. In this case, you’ll wish to build something similar to a Sorcerer, using debuffs for example Decrepify and Iron Maiden in tandem with Corpse Explosion. Additionally, getting an Enhanced Blood Surge can help improve your survivability. While the Necromancer may take more of a beating than the usual Sorcerer can, it isn’t nearly as durable as a Barbarian and it has fewer ways of escape than the usual Rogue.

You can further boost the power of the skills by using aspects, passive skills which are found on gear that you are able to remove and reapply on better gear.