Guide to Carriage House Style Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a new garage door, there are dozens of styles and options to explore. Consider choosing a carriage house style for your garage door for a classic, stylish design. Carriage house overhead doors come in several color, construction and hardware options so you can select a door that complements your home.

With so many options, carriage doors are perfect for almost any home or budget. Start looking at different garage styles today with this guide to our popular carriage house garage doors.

What Is a Carriage Style Garage Door?

Carriage house garage doors offer a timeless style that combines vintage aesthetics with modern engineering. Carriage doors are designed to mimic old carriage houses, which were home to horses, carriages and servants before cars were the standard form of transportation. Once cars became the main form of transit, garages became the new vehicle housing and the carriage style was transferred to garage doors.

You can recognize carriage house-style garage doors mainly by their atxgarage bold hardware and vintage, barn-style design. Hardware for carriage doors is typically decorative since the doors open upwards but have handles that evoke older carriage house doors, which opened outward. Carriage doors often have handles and hinges in vintage styles to reflect their old roots. Other modern garage door styles don’t generally have this hardware, giving carriage doors a unique feature that elevates the design of any garage.

Carriage doors are usually made with a wood or wood finish inspired by the original carriage houses. They might have some windows for styling and natural light. Carriage doors also often have overlays in horizontal, vertical and diagonal patterns to create attractive, subtle shapes on the door. Overlays are another feature of carriage doors that mimic the rustic, natural feel of older entries for a vintage flair. These and other features are customized to create a door that looks antique without sacrificing durability or innovation.

How to Pick the Perfect Carriage Style Garage Door for Your Home

If you’re exploring new garage door options, we offer a range of carriage-style doors to complement your home. Each style comes with its own color, design and feature options to ensure you get the best door for your garage. Finding a garage door that fits your home’s theme while remaining durable will give you the best, most cost-effective option.


Color is an essential aspect of any garage door. Your garage door color can be seen from the street and can make or break a first impression. For mid-century and modern homes, wood or wood grain finishes are ideal. The deep, rich tones of wood and its natural look give your home a warm, welcoming appearance.

For country-style homes, consider a white garage door. White is a classic, timeless color that provides and home exterior with a fresh, classic look. If you’re looking for a statement garage door, darker colors can give your home a bold contrast, providing a modern twist on a vintage garage style.