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SAP PO Certification Exam Topics:

Topic AreasTopic Details, Courses, BooksWeighting
Configuration of iFlows in Eclipse (SAP NWDS)Describe the use of the Perspective in Eclipse and how data types are mapped in Eclipse, describe data objects and iFlows; List the available data types; Describe Data Types in BPMN Processes.


8% - 12%
The Role of the Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX)Define the Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX), list the functionality of the Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX); Explain how to Create an Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX) integration flow.


< 8%
Basic Concepts System Landscape Directory (SLD) and Enterprise Service Repository (ESR)Describe the use of the System Landscape Directory (SLD), the Enterprise Service Repository (ESR), the Business systems & Technical systems and the use of Software Components in the ESR; Analyze Interface Objects in the Enterprise Services Repository.


8% - 12%
Roles and Authorizations of a BPM ProcessDescribe Software Catalog (Products and Software Components), the SAP Component mode and the use of the Objects of the Component Model.


< 8%
SAP Processes Integration ArchitectureExplain the difference between Process Orchestration and Process Integration, and how to establish the work environment for process creation; Describe the basic SAP Process Integration Architecture, the tools available for business process development, and message processing.


8% - 12%

Exam Preparation of SAP C_PO_7517: SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Process Orchestration Exam

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SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Process Orchestration Sample Questions (Q73-Q78):

In what scenario is standalone AEX used?

  • A. SAPUI5 development
  • B. Business Rules
  • C. Connectivity
  • D. Business Rules

Answer: C

Which Integration Patterns for creating iFlows are available in SAP NWDS (Eclipse)? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Message Aggregator
  • B. Recipient List
  • C. Point-to-point
  • D. Message Translator
  • E. Message Dispatcher

Answer: B,C,D

In which of the following applications can business rules be created?
Choose the correct answers.

  • A. Process Composer
  • B. Visual Composer
  • C. Web Dynpro
  • D. Rules Composer

Answer: A,D

Which standard conversion functions can you use in the graphical mapping tool? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.

  • A. JDBC Lookup
  • B. RFC Lookup
  • C. SOAP Lookup
  • D. Fixvalues
  • E. OData Lookup

Answer: B,D,E

The lifetime of a Business Process in SAP BPM is generally identified with the time elapsed between the Start Event and the Error End Event. What are the events that abort a business process? Note: There are
2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Escalation End Event
  • B. Expiration Time
  • C. Termination
  • D. Error End

Answer: A,D


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