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Salesforce B2C-Commerce-Architect Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Given a complex issue or set of issues, guide a development team in the steps toward resolution
  • Given data migration scenarios, plan and support the data migration process
Topic 2
  • Given business and technical requirement details, review implementation specifications for solutions
  • Given a set of batch process requirements, leverage the productized Job Framework for batch process integration
Topic 3
  • Given an implementation and known KPIs, support in load testing, evaluate results
  • Given systems integration requirements & technical details, evaluate LINK cartridges applicable versions
Topic 4
  • Given a site launch, monitor launch activities that cover all system health indicators
  • Given a set of real-time integration requirements, leverage the productized Service Framework for real-time integration

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Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Architect Sample Questions (Q58-Q63):

The Client wants to offer custom made container products on its new B2C Commerce storefront. The Client provided two business requirements.
* Customer can specify container length, width, and height.
* Customer can specify the material that the container is made of.
The Client also provided the Architect a current data schema (shown below) for reference while preparing the technical documentation.

Which two gaps between the requirements and the data schema should the Architect discuss with the Client?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. The data schema includes a material Price_Markup field, but there Isn't a business requirement to factor the material cost Into the final price calculation.
  • B. The data schema includes an implied structure that the customer's choices should be captured as custom objects, but there isn't a business requirement to do so
  • C. The data schema includes a Color_ID field, but there isn't a business requirement to allow the customer to specify container color.
  • D. The data schema includes unique identifiers for material and color fields, but neither are reflected in the business requirements.

Answer: A,C

An Architect has been asked by the Business to integrate a new payment LINK cartridge. As part of the integration, the Architect has created four new services to access various endpoints in the integration.
How can the Architect move the new services to Production when the integration is ready for launch?

  • A. The new services will be moved to production with a Site Import.
  • B. The new services will be moved to Production with a Data Replication.
  • C. The new services will be moved to Production with a Code Replication.
  • D. The new services must be manually exported from staging and Imported into Production.

Answer: D

In Reports and Dashboards tools you find some requests with a very poor cache hit ratio (less than 20%). What can you do in order to increase cache hit ratio and improve website performance? Here a few examples of triggered URL:
- https://www.myawesomewebsite.com/products?sz=48&start=0&srule=price-low&campaign=ads1
- https://www.myawesomewebsite.com/products?start=0&sz=48&srule=price-low&campaign=ads2
- https://www.myawesomewebsite.com/products?srule=price-low&start=0&sz=48&campaign=ads3

  • A. Always use the same URL parameter order
  • B. Use URL hashes for parameter campaign
  • C. Create custom cache for this request.
  • D. New cache partition

Answer: A,B

The Client plans to deploy a new payment provider and Order Management System on its existing B2C Commerce website. They have asked an Architect to advise which environment it should use to conduct load testing of its new integrations.
Which environment should be used as the ideal environment for this kind of load test?

  • A. The Production instance of the existing Realm.
  • B. The Development Instance of the existing Realm.
  • C. The Production Instance of a rental Realm.
  • D. The Development Instance of a rental Realm.

Answer: B

An Architect has been approached by the Business with a request to create a custom product finder. The finder would initially be available on only one site, and would eventually be extended to be available on all sites the Business maintains. There is a requirement that these wrings art also available to be used in a Job context for export to other systems.
Each site will have a different category avertable for use by the product finder.
Where should the Architect store the custom settings for use on both the storefront and in a job context?

  • A. Jobs Framework parameters
  • B. Custom Object with an Organizational Scope
  • C. Category custom attributes
  • D. Custom Object with a Site Scope

Answer: C


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