Do you have a garden property in our house? If so, you can turn your garden into a fabulous asset by growing the right trees and plants. However, it is not just about growing plants in the garden, it is also about using the right decorative elements to create focal points in the space. One of the decorative elements to use in your garden is decorative stones Bristol.

Decorative stone is a collective term used to describe a variety of stones that offer you different textures, shapes, colours, and overall looks for the garden.

Here are a few types of decorative stones you can use to spruce up your garden look.


You can find small and large gravel stones, each with a different application. Smaller gravel stones such as pea gravel are a great choice for flowerbeds. However, they are not so great for walkways and driveways.

For driveways and walkways, you can use large gravel stones such as gravel chippings. These stones have an irregular shape and are a bit larger than pea gravel.


This is a unique, yet highly popular type of decorative stone used for garden and landscaping projects. Sandstones offer greater choice in texture and colour along with high durability and lustrous appearance.

You can find several sandstone suppliers in the region to buy this decorative stone to be installed as stepping stones, retaining walls, garden pathways, patios, and other structures in your garden.

Cobbles and Pebbles

When you are looking to lay stones on your flowerbeds, cobbles, and pebbles are a great choice. These stones have a smoother finish and small size making them perfect for flower beds.

Moreover, these stones prevent people or pets from walking on them. Especially cats who have a habit of using regular gravel or mulch to pee or dig. Cobbles and pebbles will prevent them from destroying your beautiful flowerbeds.

Slate Chippings

Another great type of decorative stone to add to the garden when you want to prevent the growth of weeds but promote the growth of desired plants is slate chippings.

Slate chippings can be added as mulch to the flowerbeds to promote plant growth. However, it is not organic and hence won’t give you all the benefits of traditional mulch.

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