Both the resistance and richness of a catalyst are more expensive qualities, but they can be traded for others.The amount of crafting options available to Chirac is impacted by the sacrifice of the Sacrifice Map at Harvest.
Can make use of low-level white maps, which are typically reserved for personal use; high-value pioneers poe chaos orb equipped with perfusion; perfusion safes; and the sole revenge affix method available after the S19 revision?Imbued Revenge.


When harvesting, unlocks a random crafting effect, which, when activated, will reforge rare items in a specific way at random. One of the sources after locking and one of the sources before locking is one of the important options for deciding which side of the two fields to choose. Additionally, this source has the same high probability and a different high probability of being unpopular. During harvest, you can earn an additional quest for the Atlas by sacrificing the map. Quests involving Joan and Chana, as well as those involving time travel, are particularly valuable. It is important to note that the quest for the color given depends on the color of the map that is sacrificed in order to complete the quest. It is strongly suggested that you use the T11 red map, and the quest that you have been given is also a red quest.


Affixes on common equipment include: attack crit from force clothes, attack crit affixes on equipment, attack speed affixes, extra arrows for bows, extra arrows for quivers, and so on. Warlord breastplate reduces mana cost by 15; attack crit from force clothes increases attack crit.
Star clusters that are frequently utilized include large star clusters of the physical type, summoned rotten claws, butcher's buy poe items call, medium-sized continuous physical, burst of projectiles, medium-sized boosted attacks, spikes, and reconciliations of potion effects, among other things.


You can even try to wash Emerald Jewels with double the attack speed if you have Summoned Pale Congealing and Bow Abyss Jewels. Both of these types of jewels can be washed with Attack C. Equipment that is typically utilized:The percentage of life remaining on both the power breastplate and the equipment that needs the life affix. Clusters of stars that are frequently used:The large and medium-sized summoned, as well as the small jewels with the maximum possible life, are the ones that are used the most frequently. Clean up the primary garden's level 3 explosion damage1 blood jewelry, you can find the split burst damage jewelry to get some life C. This jewelry can be found in the same place.


It doesn't do much, but getting a 6-hole is the only thing of value it gives you, and it unlocks a random number of slots when you harvest. Equipment that is typically utilized:Holy TrinityOnly Prism, Madness, Storm, and Corrosive Elements are the three talents that can be combined with Daxue at will when using BD weapons; however, Daxue must be placed at the end that is closest to the user. Clusters of stars that are frequently used:Frost large. 3The prefix "the"Heavy Snow is a very pricey ability, but when viewed, it cannot be placed in the middle, and the talent disk cannot be placed in the farthest, which has a much lower value. Neither of these abilities can be placed in the farthest position.


Attack speed and casting speed modifiers on the equipment, as well as high-speed shoes, are both common pieces of equipment.
Clusters That Are Commonly Projected To Be Medium Or Large And Have An Excessive Number Of Speed Modifiers
It is possible to use this to wash jewelry with a double attack speed, such as a bow with a double attack speed, life, and burst damage for an extremely high price.The early stage sacrifice of corrupted gemstones is one of the crafts that brings in a very consistent income. This sacrifice also gives the gemsmith a very high income, which is proportional to the quality of the gemstones.A second option is to use corrupted garbage T21 or level 5 strong auxiliary skill stones as a sacrifice in order to obtain fifty percent of the total stock experience for that item.The income from Fest's lens is also quite good, and this craft also has a very rare craft, which requires the sacrifice of a level 20 auxiliary gem and offers a 5% chance of transforming into a strong auxiliary. In addition, the sacrifice has successfully completed multiple strong auxiliary and high-level multi-projection tests..


buy poe currency


When the time allotted for the reclamation of the wasteland has passed, the effect is minimal. It is possible to convert a wasteland into an unfinished map with the same T level, which is the most significant effect of the wasteland reclamation period. Another effect is the ability to sacrifice a map in order to obtain multiple maps with a lower T level. Adding base affixes to all kinds of jewelry, such as immunity to stun, immunity to reflection damage, and so on, is one of the most popular crafts in mushroom picking despite being one of the most demanding crafts in the middle and late stages.


During the land reclamation process, it is put to personal use, but after the process is complete, there is no use for it. It is very powerful without requiring the use of the sextant affix, making it one of the most sought-after crafts during the Treasure Hunt season. After the transformation, it serves primarily as a personal possession and has very little monetary value. When you are harvesting, you must exchange ten distinct types of currency items for other currency items of a medium value. For example, you must exchange ten chaos for ten sublime, ten color for twenty gemsmith, ten recast for ten stripping, and so on. The vast majority of them are for individual consumption.


Increase the value of certain currency items when they are harvested. There is primarily an enhancement of a T-level essence, an enhancement of a T-level holy oil, the swapping of resonators and fossils, the making of box rocks basically hit the street, and an adjustment of specific scarabs when harvesting. There is a possibility that the scarab will evolve into a winged scarab if you roll a three followed by a one. 2 is to split a scarab into two separate scarabs, each of which is one T lower than him. The third step is a random exchange of scarabs, which maintains the same T value. Earnings in the beginning, the middle, and the end of the period are satisfactory.


Upgrade the goddess offerings when you are harvesting; this is the only production process for the goddess's gift. Additionally, the goddess that has been enchanted with the belt has a certain value, and the additional treasure chest has not been seen. When harvesting, added 10 wilds at random and the original results from the harvest. Is the product that results when ten additional harvests of the other two seeds are added together; the end result is a seed of tier 4. The golden level 4 seeds have an indescribable quality, but the sales value of the craftsmanship is not very high, and the cost of the risk is quite high. For instance, someone's finished physical bow had artistic conception and lightning resistance added to it last night.