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Target Audience

This evaluation is designed for data protection officials in the US or those who wish to obtain awareness of how such policies work in the US. The exam, in particular, tests their knowledge and understanding in the field and helps them determine the areas they have to work on. It is also ideal for specialists who want to get the affiliated designation.

The benefit of obtaining the IAPP CIPP-US: Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States (CIPP/US) Exam Certification

  • IAPP CIPP-US: Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States (CIPP/US) Certification provides practical experience to candidates from all the aspects to be a proficient worker in the organization.
  • IAPP CIPP-US exam test provide proven knowledge to use the tools to complete the task efficiently and cost effectively than the other non-certified professionals lack in doing so.
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IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States (CIPP/US) Sample Questions (Q135-Q140):

Please use the following to answer the next QUESTION:
You are the chief privacy officer at HealthCo, a major hospital in a large U.S. city in state A.
HealthCo is a HIPAA-covered entity that provides healthcare services to more than 100,000 patients. A third-party cloud computing service provider, CloudHealth, stores and manages the electronic protected health information (ePHI) of these individuals on behalf of HealthCo. CloudHealth stores the data in state B.
As part of HealthCo's business associate agreement (BAA) with CloudHealth, HealthCo requires CloudHealth to implement security measures, including industry standard encryption practices, to adequately protect the data. However, HealthCo did not perform due diligence on CloudHealth before entering the contract, and has not conducted audits of CloudHealth's security measures.
A CloudHealth employee has recently become the victim of a phishing attack. When the employee unintentionally clicked on a link from a suspicious email, the PHI of more than 10,000 HealthCo patients was compromised. It has since been published online. The HealthCo cybersecurity team quickly identifies the perpetrator as a known hacker who has launched similar attacks on other hospitals - ones that exposed the PHI of public figures including celebrities and politicians.
During the course of its investigation, HealthCo discovers that CloudHealth has not encrypted the PHI in accordance with the terms of its contract. In addition, CloudHealth has not provided privacy or security training to its employees. Law enforcement has requested that HealthCo provide its investigative report of the breach and a copy of the PHI of the individuals affected.
A patient affected by the breach then sues HealthCo, claiming that the company did not adequately protect the individual's ePHI, and that he has suffered substantial harm as a result of the exposed data. The patient's attorney has submitted a discovery request for the ePHI exposed in the breach.
Of the safeguards required by the HIPAA Security Rule, which of the following is NOT at issue due to HealthCo's actions?

  • A. Technical Safeguards
  • B. Security Safeguards
  • C. Administrative Safeguards
  • D. Physical Safeguards

Answer: B

Please use the following to answer the next QUESTION
Felicia has spent much of her adult life overseas, and has just recently returned to the U.S. to help her friend Celeste open a jewelry store in Californi a. Felicia, despite being excited at the prospect, has a number of security concerns, and has only grudgingly accepted the need to hire other employees. In order to guard against the loss of valuable merchandise, Felicia wants to carefully screen applicants. With their permission, Felicia would like to run credit checks, administer polygraph tests, and scrutinize videos of interviews. She intends to read applicants' postings on social media, ask Question:s about drug addiction, and solicit character references. Felicia believes that if potential employees are serious about becoming part of a dynamic new business, they will readily agree to these requirements.
Felicia is also in favor of strict employee oversight. In addition to protecting the inventory, she wants to prevent mistakes during transactions, which will require video monitoring. She also wants to regularly check the company vehicle's GPS for locations visited by employees. She also believes that employees who use their own devices for work-related purposes should agree to a certain amount of supervision.
Given her high standards, Felicia is skeptical about the proposed location of the store. She has been told that many types of background checks are not allowed under California law. Her friend Celeste thinks these worries are unfounded, as long as applicants verbally agree to the checks and are offered access to the results. Nor does Celeste share Felicia's concern about state breach notification laws, which, she claims, would be costly to implement even on a minor scale. Celeste believes that even if the business grows a customer database of a few thousand, it's unlikely that a state agency would hassle an honest business if an accidental security incident were to occur.
In any case, Celeste feels that all they need is common sense - like remembering to tear up sensitive documents before throwing them in the recycling bin. Felicia hopes that she's right, and that all of her concerns will be put to rest next month when their new business consultant (who is also a privacy professional) arrives from North Carolina.
Based on Felicia's Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plan, the business consultant will most likely advise Felicia and Celeste to do what?

  • A. Adopt the same kind of monitoring policies used for work-issued devices.
  • B. Reconsider the plan in favor of a policy of dedicated work devices.
  • C. Weigh any productivity benefits of the plan against the risk of privacy issues.
  • D. Make employment decisions based on those willing to consent to the plan in writing.

Answer: D

Acme Student Loan Company has developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that determines whether an individual is likely to pay their bill or default. A person who is determined by the algorithm to be more likely to default will receive frequent payment reminder calls, while those who are less likely to default will not receive payment reminders.
Which of the following most accurately reflects the privacy concerns with Acme Student Loan Company using artificial intelligence in this manner?

  • A. If the algorithm uses information about protected classes to make automated decisions, Acme must ensure that the algorithm does not have a disparate impact on protected classes in the output.
  • B. If the algorithm uses risk factors that impact the automatic decision engine. Acme must ensure that the algorithm does not have a disparate impact on protected classes in the output.
  • C. If the algorithm's methodology is disclosed to consumers, then it is acceptable for Acme to have a disparate impact on protected classes.
  • D. If the algorithm makes automated decisions based on risk factors and public information, Acme need not determine if the algorithm has a disparate impact on protected classes.

Answer: D

Within what time period must a commercial message sender remove a recipient's address once they have asked to stop receiving future e-mail?

  • A. 7 days
  • B. 15 days
  • C. 21 days
  • D. 10 days

Answer: D

What is the main purpose of the CAN-SPAM Act?

  • A. To diminish the use of electronic messages to send sexually explicit materials
  • B. To authorize the states to enforce federal privacy laws for electronic marketing
  • C. To ensure that organizations respect individual rights when using electronic advertising
  • D. To empower the FTC to create rules for messages containing sexually explicit content

Answer: C

Explanation/Reference: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/can-spam-act-compliance-guide-business


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