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The benefit in Obtaining the Aruba Certified Switching Associate (HP HPE6-A72) Professional Exam

This certification is an industry-recognized credential from Aruba Networks that assesses the applicant's understanding of fundamental concepts and skills on Aruba OS and the characteristics that exist on Cloud & Enterprise packages. When it comes to employment, this certification is a career game-changer that will advance you closer to achieving your dream profession.

Some more benefits are:

  • Demonstrate your involvement levels
  • Planning for a better future
  • Achieve recognition for your hard work

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Aruba Networks Certified: Mobility Associate-Professional Exam Certified Professional salary

The estimated average salary of Aruba Certified Switching Associate (HP HPE6-A72) Professional Exam is listed below:

  • Europe: 88,032 EURO
  • India: 7,199,4 INR
  • England: 71,460 POUND
  • United States: 100,146 USD

These salaries are calculated at the time of writing according to the currency rates.

Understanding functional and technical aspects of Aruba Certified Switching Associate (HP HPE6-A72) Professional Exam Access Control Policy

The following will be discussed in HP HPE6-A72 exam dumps:

  • Switchports vs. Routed ports
  • Authorizing interfaces
  • Explain how HPE OneView collects and displays utilization data
  • Outline the benefits of the composer over virtual appliance
  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  • Summary
  • Switching Portfolio (ArubaOS switches & ArubaOS-CX switches) is this introducing both portfolios on a pair of slides and some slides on ArubaOS-CX hardware architecture, and software architecture
  • Context-sensitive aid
  • Part 1 of Packet Delivery
  • Sequence Numbers
  • Table of MAC addresses
  • Describe how the HPE OneView Environmental Resource Manager (ERM) isintegrated into the data center
  • Describe the ERM topology configuration process
  • UPD
  • Immediate levels & navigation
  • Outline the environmentsthe virtual appliance can be hosted in
  • Frames of Ethernet
  • List optionsfor HPE OneView product support
  • Identify and describe the common management and automation solution building blocksincluding, Security, - Monitoring, Image Repository, Config Mgmt
  • Describe the processfor addresses and identifiers
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Play logs, version, interfaces, transceivers, configuration
  • Describe the details of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OneView licensing and licensing-problemscenarios
  • VLAN origin
  • ARP table
  • Describe the key resource health monitoring operations of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OneView
  • Internet Control Message Protocol and reachability testing tools
  • Port segregation & numbering
  • Broadcast domains
  • TCP Header - Port Numbers

HP Aruba Certified Switching Associate Exam Sample Questions (Q47-Q52):

Match the switching term to the correct definition.



ServiceOS login: admin
SVOS> password
Enter password: ********
Confirm password: ********
The login password to access an Aruba AOS-CX was lost. After connecting to the switch console port, a reboot is performed and the Service OS console is accessed as shown above.
What is the default password that is required for the admin account while under the Service OS console?

  • A. The same login password that has lost originally.
  • B. "password"
  • C. "forgetme!"
  • D. No password is set for this account.

Answer: C

Explanation/Reference: https://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/ArubaOS_83_Web_Help/Content/ArubaFrameStyles/ Management_Utilities/enab_radsec_reset_admin_enabl_pwd.htm

What are the commands to disable SSH and HTTPS services from the default VRF?

  • A. Core-1(config)# no ssh server enable Core-1(config)# no https-server enable
  • B. Core-1# no ssh server vrf default Core-1# no https-server vrf default
  • C. Core-1(config)# no ssh server Core-1(config)# no https-server
  • D. Core-1(config)# no ssh server vrf default Core-1(config)# no https-server vrf default

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.

The above output is the result of issuing the command show system resource-utilization.
What command should be used to enable terminal output line by line or page by page?

  • A. The command less
  • B. The command more
  • C. The command page
  • D. The command terminal length 30

Answer: C

Which statement is correct regarding powering an Aruba Access Point?

  • A. PoE or PoE+ enabled switchports are rarely used given concerns about causing electrical interference, with the data also carried over Ethernet cabling.
  • B. Using switchports for this reason is unnecessary, because Aruba Access Points typically use an AC to DC power adapter to draw power.
  • C. PoE or PoE+ is only used with Ethernet that is carried over multi-mode fiber cabling.
  • D. Most administrators use PoE or PoE+ enabled switchports to provide both Ethernet connectivity and power to the AP.

Answer: D


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