Although 2020 will be a busy year, Nike Air Max 90 did not reduce production in the first six months of the new year. In its latest suit, the 31-year-old designer is obsessed with multi-color makeup for children, with a whole hook pattern on the upper. Although the basic feature of the pair is the grayscale arrangement, which is reminiscent of the initial color scheme of the model, the complementary details deviate from Tinker Hatfield's original vision. Profile swooshes and shoelaces cover too many miniature swooshes. Orange, yellow and blue impact animation logos bring much-needed talents, otherwise low-key leather uppers. The above-mentioned hue also appears in other places of the iconic Air Max sneakers, which can be said to be hidden by the camouflage-style multi-color pattern, which occupies most of the outsole.

For most GRs, diversity is king. And Air Vapormax Flyknit 2021 is not slack at all in this respect, it seems that the color matching will increase 10 times every month. Here, another iteration is to see the spotlight, this time reducing the navy and saving voltage. The line above comes from a dark navy blue spool with slight spots on it. This is the action of the Swoosh "Zero Movement" initiative. At the foot, the rubbed rubber provides a similar sustainable finish, and its appearance and palette are aesthetically identical to the upper. Then, on the top, black webbing and shoelaces are tied to the instep, with blue stitching beside it. This supplement fills out the check immediately below, but not its Volt profile or matching brand and lining.

New Jordan With its lightweight upper and multiple color schemes, one of the Nike waffles is an appropriate choice for summer. To further prove this, there will be multi-color options for lifestyle contours, combining vibrant cool and warm colors. The beige ultra-fine mesh base color and the suede covering the heel create a neutral canvas for the popular summer colors. Bright blue suede wraps the toes, while blue-green is applied to the ankle and the layer underneath the mesh. The outline of the leather and the suede lace stay deviated from the light water tones of sandy yellow and orange, respectively. ,To balance all these vivid hues, a simple white midsole was used. However, the dark navy blue stacked heel pieces and the above-mentioned midsole of the waffle outsole sandwich deliver the graphic appearance and finish the design.