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Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Exam Sample Questions (Q30-Q35):

Your organization recently adopted a container-based workflow for application development. Your team develops numerous applications that are deployed continuously through an automated build pipeline to a Kubernetes cluster in the production environment. The security auditor is concerned that developers or operators could circumvent automated testing and push code changes to production without approval. What should you do to enforce approvals?

  • A. Leverage Kubernetes Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to restrict access to only approved users.
  • B. Enable binary authorization inside the Kubernetes cluster and configure the build pipeline as an attestor.
  • C. Configure the build system with protected branches that require pull request approval.
  • D. Use an Admission Controller to verify that incoming requests originate from approved sources.

Answer: A

Your team is designing a new application for deployment both inside and outside Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You need to collect detailed metrics such as system resource utilization. You want to use centralized GCP services while minimizing the amount of work required to set up this collection system. What should you do?

  • A. Import the Stackdriver Debugger package, and configure the application to emit debug messages with timing information.
  • B. Import the Stackdriver Profiler package, and configure it to relay function timing data to Stackdriver for further analysis.
  • C. Instrument the code using a timing library, and publish the metrics via a health check endpoint that is scraped by Stackdriver.
  • D. Install an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool in both locations, and configure an export to a central data storage location for analysis.

Answer: D

Your company follows Site Reliability Engineering principles. You are writing a postmortem for an incident, triggered by a software change, that severely affected users. You want to prevent severe incidents from happening in the future. What should you do?

  • A. Ensure that test cases that catch errors of this type are run successfully before new software releases.
  • B. Follow up with the employees who reviewed the changes and prescribe practices they should follow in the future.
  • C. Design a policy that will require on-call teams to immediately call engineers and management to discuss a plan of action if an incident occurs.
  • D. Identify engineers responsible for the incident and escalate to their senior management.

Answer: B

You support a high-traffic web application and want to ensure that the home page loads in a timely manner. As a first step, you decide to implement a Service Level Indicator (SLI) to represent home page request latency with an acceptable page load time set to 100 ms. What is the Google-recommended way of calculating this SLI?

  • A. Bucketize the request latencies into ranges, and then compute the median and 90th percentiles.
  • B. Buckelize Ihe request latencies into ranges, and then compute the percentile at 100 ms.
  • C. Count the number of home page requests that load in under 100 ms. and then divide by the total number of all web application requests.
  • D. Count the number of home page requests that load in under 100 ms, and then divide by the total number of home page requests.

Answer: D

You are creating and assigning action items in a postmodern for an outage. The outage is over, but you need to address the root causes. You want to ensure that your team handles the action items quickly and efficiently. How should you assign owners and collaborators to action items?

  • A. Assign multiple owners for each item to guarantee that the team addresses items quickly
  • B. Assign one owner for each action item and any necessary collaborators.
  • C. Assign collaborators but no individual owners to the items to keep the postmortem blameless.
  • D. Assign the team lead as the owner for all action items because they are in charge of the SRE team.

Answer: B


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