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Tableau TDA-C01 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Use multiple data sources (establish relationships, create joins, union tables, blend data)
  • Choose an appropriate data source
Topic 2
  • Remove gridlines, row-level and column-level bands, and shading
  • Pull data from relational databases by using custom SQL queries
Topic 3
  • Create parameters to enable interactivity
  • Perform data transformation in Tableau Prep
Topic 4
  • Replace the connected data source with another data source for an existing chart or sheet
  • Choose when to convert between discrete and continuous
Topic 5
  • Swap sheets by using parameters or sheet selector
  • Schedule data extract refreshes
  • Shape data by using aggregations
Topic 6
  • Choose which data transformation to perform based on a business scenario
  • Choose between live connection or extract

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Tableau Certified Data Analyst Sample Questions (Q43-Q48):

You have a dataset that contains sates dat
a. The following is a sample of the data.

You need to return a value of true if a month has sales greater than $50 000. otherwise the formula must return a value of false.
Which two formulas achieve the goal Choose two

  • A. [Sales] > 50000
  • B. IIF(SUM< [Sales] )>50000, TRUE, FALSE)
  • C. MAX< [Sales], 50000)
  • D. SUM{[Sales]) IN (50000)

Answer: A,B

Open the link to Book1 found on the desktop. Open the Histogram worksheet and use the Superstone data source.
Create a histogram on the Quantity field by using bin size of 3.


Send us your feedback on it

You have a dataset that contains daily sales by business segment from 2017 to the present You want to use monthly historical trends to predict sales by segment in the future Which three actions should you perform m order?
(Place the three correct options in order Use the arrows to move Options lo Answer Area I In Answer Area arrows to re order the options.)



1 - Aggregate the date to month and year.
2 - Create a calculated field that uses the MODEL_QUANTILE function.
3 - Add the date to the Columns sfelf. Add the segment and the sales to the Rows shelf.

You have the following chart that shows profits and discounts over time.

You need to combine the lines to appear as shown in the following chart.

What should you do?

  • A. Set Discount to Dual Axis
  • B. Drag Discount to the Columns shelf
  • C. Convert Discount to Discrete
  • D. Drag Discount to Color on the Marks card

Answer: D

Open the link to Book1 found on the desktop. Open the sales dashboard.
Add the Sales by State sheet in a Show/Hide button to the right side of the dashboard.

  • A. Send us your
  • B. Send us your feedback on it.

Answer: B


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