The weapon has a Faith Scaling of D, and in order to unlock it, you will need to have 20 Faith. In addition, the user must have a Dexterity score of 22 and a Strength score of 20 in order to wield the Greatsword.


It is generally agreed that this scythe is one of the best Faith scaling weapons for use in the late game of Elden Ring. This is due to the fact that the Faith scaling of Halo Scythe is not particularly powerful when you first obtain the weapon, and you will need to make significant adjustments to it in order to maximize its potential. However, once you get it to level D in Faith, it becomes one of the best endgame best weapons elden ring 1.07, and you can use it in any Faith build you want.

In addition, Miquella's Ring of Light is a weapon skill that has the ability to deal with Holy Damage and cast a ring of light at the target. You can only increase its power by increasing your faith, and if you have enough stamina and faith points, you can permanently cast halos.

The Halo Scythe has a Physical Damage rating of 118, allowing it to deal with heavy charge attacks that have the potential to kill enemies in a matter of blows, particularly those that have a lower-than-average strength. In addition, you can deal approximately 76 Holy Damage with the weapon and have a critical chance of 100, which means that you won't miss any hits when using Halo Scythe.

The Faith can reach a maximum of D when it is maximized, but you will begin with E. It is one of the best Faith scaling weapons because it does not require a large amount of Faith early in the game to equip it, and it can be buffed over time to become a worthy end-game weapon in Elden Ring. This makes it one of the best Faith scaling weapons.

You won't have to worry about using any specialized bows if you have Erdtree Bows because it deals with a significant amount of Holy Damage. Because, with the right amount of investment, you can turn it into a fully functional Faith build in Elden Ring, which is one of the reasons why it is regarded as one of the best weapons to scale for Faith. When combined with holy-infused arrows, it is also able to deal with a high amount of Holy Damage in addition to its normal Physical Damage output.

Even though it is a ranged weapon, the Erdtree Bow does not reduce the amount of damage it deals in any way. This is the best feature of this bow. In addition, when compared to a sword, a now makes it much simpler to take down enemies that are flying through the air.

The Erdtree Bow inflicts approximately 50 Holy Damage in addition to its normal 40 Physical Damage. In addition to that, the Erdtree Bow has a critical hit rate of 100.

A Faith scaling of D can be achieved with the Erdtree Bow in Elden Ring. Because it does not require a significant amount of Faith to equip, Erdtree Bow is regarded as one of the most effective Faith-scaling weapons. As a result, it is an excellent choice for an early-game weapon in Elden Ring. To properly equip the weapon, you will need approximately 14 Faith. In addition to that, you'll need 8 Strength and 12 Dexterity to meet the requirements.

One of the most effective close combat weapons in Elden Ring is called the Coded Sword. Despite having a weak physical attack, it is famous for the significant holy damage it deals with. The Holy damage that this sword can inflict can reach as high as 208, allowing you to quickly and easily destroy your foes. An unblockable blade is a weapon skill that can deal significant damage to opponents regardless of whether or not they are using a shield. It costs 25 FP to use, which is a cost that should be considered acceptable given the substantial damage that can be dealt with. This blade can be found in the vicinity of the West Capital Rampart in the Leyndell Royal Capital. Read this comprehensive guide on the location of the Coded Sword.

Due to the fact that the Coded sword deals approximately 13 physical damage, it is clear that this weapon is not suited for pure-melee builds that rely heavily on physically damaging their foes in order to crush them. Even if you do not upgrade the weapon, the weapon already has a base holy damage of 85, making it one of the more effective options available. If you fully upgraded the weapon, it would give you 208 holy damage, which, combined with your Faith build, would cause an enormous amount of damage. The enormous amount of holy damage would be extremely useful in dealing with undead beings. In order to improve the weapon, you will need to acquire some somber smithing stones.

The increase in damage done by the Coded Sword would come entirely from the user's Faith; the Faith scaling of the Coded Sword is B, which is significantly higher than the scaling of most other Faith weapons. The Coded Sword is regarded as one of the most effective Faith Scaling weapons in Elden Ring due to the fact that if you invest in your Faith attribute, the weapon will receive an enormous damage increase. To equip this weapon, you would also need
Elden Ring runes for sale; the higher your Faith, the more effective and efficient the Coded Sword will be in dealing damage to enemies.

It is commonly agreed upon that the Inseparable Sword is among the very best greatswords that can be built with Faith. This sword is useful in Elden Ring for inflicting both physical and holy damage, and it has a good faith scaling. When completely upgraded, the inseparable sword is capable of dealing out a significant amount of damage to holy targets. The weapon skill only requires 19 Field Points to learn, but it has the potential to inflict significant holy damage on the target. You can find this greatsword close to the throne that belongs to the Prince of Death.