C_C4HCX_24トレーニング資料のPDFバージョン:SAP Certified Application Associate - Solution Architect for Customer Experienceは読みやすく、覚えやすく、印刷要求をサポートしているため、紙で印刷して練習することができます。 練習資料のソフトウェアバージョンは、シミュレーションテストシステムをサポートし、セットアップの時間を与えることには制限がありません。 このバージョンはWindowsシステムユーザーのみをサポートすることに注意してください。 C_C4HCX_24試験問題のオンライン版は、SAPあらゆる種類の機器やデジタルデバイスに適しています。モバイルデータなしで練習することを条件に、オフラインでの運動をサポートします。 豊富な練習資料はお客様のさまざまなニーズに対応でき、これらのC_C4HCX_24模擬練習にはすべて、SAPテストに合格するために知っておく必要がある新しい情報が含まれています。 あなたの個人的な好みに応じてそれらを選択することができます。


>> C_C4HCX_24参考書勉強 <<



SAP C_C4HCX_24 認定試験の出題範囲:

トピック 1
  • SAP Event Mesh, SAP Graph, SAP One Domain Model, SAP Master Data Integration
  • SAP Sales and Service Cloud
トピック 2
  • Features and architecture of SAP Marketing Cloud
  • Features and architecture of SAP Customer Data Cloud
トピック 3
  • Integration with other solutions, Identity Sync, Gconnector
  • Features and architecture of SAP Sales Cloud and SAP
トピック 4
  • Different Commercial Models, Main pillars of SAP BTP
  • SAP Extension suite and its use cases, Side by Side Extensibility
トピック 5
  • SAP Enterprise Consent and Preference Management
  • SAP Integration Suite, Integration solutioning advisory methodology (ISA-M)
トピック 6
  • Overview of the Intelligent Enterprise and its end-to-end business processes
  • Integration and extensibility options, SAP Emarsys, Customer Engagement

SAP Certified Application Associate - Solution Architect for Customer Experience 認定 C_C4HCX_24 試験問題 (Q38-Q43):

質問 # 38
You need to make some enhancements in your project.What are some of the extensibility options available to you? Note: There are 2 correct Answers to this question.

  • A. Custom ABAP programs
  • B. Key user tools
  • C. SAP HANA views
  • D. SAP Cloud Applications Studio


質問 # 39
You want to deploy a new SAP Commerce Cloud storefront using the Cloud Portal.Which of the following are prerequisites for success?Note: There are 3 correct Answers to this question.

  • A. The code is working properly locally and it has been pushed to the Git repository.
  • B. The product master data has already been loaded into SAP Commerce Cloud
  • C. The security settings are configured in the Cloud Portal.
  • D. The images for the storefront are available in the Cloud Portal.
  • E. The Git repository has been configured in the Cloud Portal.


質問 # 40
How can SAP Marketing Cloud help customers drive their business?Note: There are 3 correct Answers to this question.

  • A. It provides end-to-end marketing processes to engage customers, drive conversions, and react to the market.
  • B. It allows customers to connect, analyze, and take action on all their data in one marketing dashboard to increase ROI.
  • C. It enables planning and execution of personalized campaigns through various channels like e-mail, SMS, or mobile channels for push notification
  • D. It builds customer profiles to gain insights into real-time intentions and motivations along the customer journey
  • E. It enables meeting scheduling and opportunity design to increase sales revenues


質問 # 41
Which of the following boards/committees is responsible for prioritizing the overall business functionality in order to ensure the integrity of the finished solution end-to-end?

  • A. Enterprise Architecture Board
  • B. Change Advisory Board
  • C. Business Process Board
  • D. Steering Committee


質問 # 42
Which of the following are key features of SAP CIAM for B2B solutions only? Note: There are 3 correct Answers to this question.

  • A. Organizational management
  • B. Policy-based access control
  • C. Delegated administration
  • D. Identity management
  • E. Access management


質問 # 43

Topexamは我々が研究したトレーニング資料を無料に更新します。それはあなたがいつでも最新のC_C4HCX_24試験トレーニング資料をもらえるということです。C_C4HCX_24認定試験の目標が変更されば、Topexamが提供した勉強資料も変化に追従して内容を変えます。Topexam は各受験生のニーズを知っていて、あなたがC_C4HCX_24認定試験に受かることに有効なヘルプを差し上げます。あなたが首尾よく試験に合格するように、我々は最も有利な価格と最高のクオリティーを提供して差し上げます。

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