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CompTIA SY0-601: Prerequisites

The CompTIA SY0-601 exam is intended for those individuals who want to establish a career in the cybersecurity domain. The biggest advantage of this certification test is that there are no prior requirements for it. There is no need to undertake any training or have any experience. The students just have to take a single exam whenever they are prepared. However, possessing working experience of two years in the IT administration field will be beneficial, but it is not necessary.

Certification Path of CompTIA Security + (SY0-601) Certification Exam

If you want to take the Security + exam, you need to take the following certification path for this security certification.

  1. CompTIA Security + (SY0-601) Certification Exam
  2. Information Security+ Certification
  3. Network+ Certification
  4. Security+ Certification
  5. Security Analyst Certification

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Latest SY0-601 Study Plan & Braindump SY0-601 Pdf

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Topics of CompTIA Security + (SY0-601) Certification Exam

Our SY0-601 exam dumps covers the following objectives of CompTIA Security + (SY0-601) Certification Exam

  • Operations and Incident Response
  • Architecture and Design
  • Implementation
  • Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance

CompTIA Security+ Exam Sample Questions (Q447-Q452):

A user's PC was recently infected by malware. The user has a legacy printer without vendor support, and the user's OS is fully patched. The user downloaded a driver package from the internet. No threats were found on the downloaded file, but during file installation, a malicious runtime threat was detected. Which of the following is MOST likely cause of the infection?

  • A. The driver has malware installed and was refactored upon download to avoid detection.
  • B. The user's antivirus software definition were out of date and were damaged by the installation of the driver
  • C. The user's computer has a rootkit installed that has avoided detection until the new driver overwrote key files.
  • D. The user's computer has been infected with a logic bomb set to run when new driver was installed.

Answer: C

An enterprise has hired an outside security firm to conduct penetration testing on its network and applications.
The firm has only been given the documentation available to the customers of the applications. Which of the following BEST represents the type of testing that will occur?

  • A. Gray-box
  • B. Bug bounty
  • C. Black-box
  • D. White-box

Answer: B

An administrator is experiencing issues when trying to upload a support file to a vendor A pop-up message reveals that a payment card number was found in the file, and the file upload was Mocked. Which of the following controls is most likely causing this issue and should be checked FIRST?

  • A. MDM
  • B. Content filter
  • C. DLP
  • D. Firewall rule
  • E. Application allow list

Answer: C

Which of the following biometric authentication methods is the MOST accurate?

  • A. Gait
  • B. Retina
  • C. Voice
  • D. Signature

Answer: B

Retina authentication is the most accurate biometric authentication method. Retina authentication is based on recognizing the unique pattern of blood vessels and other features in the retina. This makes it virtually impossible to duplicate or bypass, making it the most secure form of biometric authentication currently available.

A network administrator has been asked to design a solution to improve a company's security posture The administrator is given the following, requirements?
* The solution must be inline in the network
* The solution must be able to block known malicious traffic
* The solution must be able to stop network-based attacks
Which of the following should the network administrator implement to BEST meet these requirements?

  • A. NIPS
  • B. NIDS
  • C. HIDS
  • D. HIPS

Answer: A


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