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Salesforce User-Experience-Designer Vce Test Simulator - User-Experience-Designer Latest Dumps

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Salesforce User-Experience-Designer Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Given a scenario, utilize SLDS to create new and customized component functionality
  • Given a scenario, identify which UX method should be used to define a user experience
Topic 2
  • Describe declarative features that improve information presentation, hierarchy, and architecture in static experiences
  • Describe how core Salesforce objects function
Topic 3
  • Determine out-of-the-box design and configuration consistent with the look and feel of Lightning Experience
  • Determine which research methodology and tools should be used to design a solution
Topic 4
  • Determine which global Salesforce configuration to use for optimized user flow
  • Determine options for users to access onboarding, support, and learning
Topic 5
  • Given a scenario, describe declarative features that improve user efficiency over a series of steps
  • Describe key Salesforce UX personas and which processes they normally do
Topic 6
  • Determine how to incorporate human-centered design into a customer solution
  • Describe testing techniques needed for optimal user experiences
Topic 7
  • Describe key design principles and tools that define an accessible and engaging experience
  • Given a scenario, describe how Salesforce can add value to user experiences

Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer Sample Questions (Q48-Q53):

A UX Designer has been asked to improve Salesforce adoption among sales representatives at Cloud Kicks.
After conducting stakeholder and user interviews, the designer finds there is no clear, consistent sales process.
What should the designer do next?

  • A. Recommend Field Level Validation to ensure users are entering the correct data.
  • B. Tell the customer they need to improve operations before any work can be done.
  • C. Conduct a workshop with stakeholders to align on the current state and build consensus.
  • D. Log the findings and move forward with presenting possible solutions.

Answer: C

A UX Designer wants to understand the mental model of employees who have requested a new internal community, The brief specifies what the employees should be able to do on the site, but the designer needs to suggest a suitable architecture.
Which technique should be used?

  • A. Card Sorting
  • B. User Test
  • C. Cognitive Walkthrough
  • D. Tree Testing

Answer: A

Following a human-centered design process approach, Cloud Kicks is preparing a user feedback session for an app that is not performance as anticipated.
In which two ways could confirmation bias be avoided?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Obtain user feedback to reinforce known assumptions and support design decisions.
  • B. Diversity feedback by ensuring it features as many unique perspective as possible.
  • C. Review questions to remove assumptions about issues or problem not supported by quantitative data.
  • D. Interview users about the intended use of the product to support the questionnaire creation.

Answer: A,B

A UX Designer is creating a site for delivery within Builder for a customer who has strict requirements is stay focused on out-of-the-box styling and components only.
Which three methods would deliver a branded experience?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Select a theme and customize content including copy and imagery.
  • B. Create flexible layouts for pages with unique background images.
  • C. Display custom variations of pages based on user behavior.
  • D. Use the theme editor to adjust fonts, text case, colors, and site logo.
  • E. Select a footer and configure which social media links to display.

Answer: B,C,E

A UX Designer has created a new form for a call center that takes special delivery information from its customers.
The designer wants to ensure the call center staff finds the form easy and intuitive to use.
Which kind of testing should be conducted to validate this?

  • A. Focus Groups
  • B. Usability Testing
  • C. Surver
  • D. Qualitative

Answer: C


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