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Oracle 1z0-1072-22 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Understand File System Snapshots and Cloning
  • Configure DNS and Traffic Management
Topic 2
  • Understand External Database Service
  • Configure cross-region replication
Topic 3
  • Understand Object Storage replication
  • Describe OCI compute image options
Topic 4
  • Configure Dynamic Groups and Tag based access control
  • Describe and configure OS Management
Topic 5
  • Implement and manage Virtual Cloud Networks
  • Describe and configure a layer-7 Load Balancer
Topic 6
  • Configure Cloud Guard, Security Zone and Security Advisor (change from Data Guard)
  • Understand Infrastructure Maintenance
Topic 7
  • Configure Security Lists and Network Security Groups
  • Describe and configure a layer-4 Network Load Balancer
Topic 8
  • Database Systems and Autonomous Databases Operations and Maintenance
  • Describe public and private IP addresses and virtual NICs
Topic 9
  • Configure Virtual Cloud Network Routing and Gateways
  • Introduction to Database Systems and Autonomous Databases
Topic 10
  • Implement Object Storage versioning, life cycle management and retention rules
  • Understand Block Volume performance tiers
Topic 11
  • Implement and manage VCN connectivity
  • Describe Public and Private DNS zones
Topic 12
  • Implement conditional and advanced policies
  • Configure and manage Object Storage
Topic 13
  • Understand File System usage and metering
  • Describe public and private subnets
Topic 14
  • Understand VCN connectivity options
  • Select appropriate compute choices

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Architect Associate Sample Questions (Q78-Q83):

Which is NOT a valid Oracle Cloud Agent plugin name?

  • A. Compute Instance Run Command
  • B. Live Migration Agent
  • C. Bastion
  • D. OS Management Service Agent

Answer: B

You are running your warehouse using Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) service and you noticed that a newly configured batch job is always running in serial even through nothing else is running in the database.All your jobs are configured to run with parallelism enabled.
What could be the reason for this batch job to run in serial?

  • A. The batch job depends on only one table and parallelism cannot be enabled on single-table queries.
  • B. Parallelism on the database iscontrolled by the application, not the database.
  • C. The new batch job runs on database tables that are not enable for parallel execution.
  • D. The new batch job is connected to LOW consumer group.
  • E. The parallelism of batchjob depends on the number of ADW databases involved in the query.

Answer: D

As a solution architect, you are showcasing the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage feature about Object Versioning to a customer.
Which statement is true in regards to OCI Object StorageVersioning?

  • A. A bucket that is versioning-enabled can have only andalways will have a latest version of the object in the bucket.
  • B. Objects are physically deleted from a bucket when versioning is enabled.
  • C. Object versioning does not provide data protection against accidental or malicious object update, overwrite, or deletion.
  • D. By default, object versioning is disabled on a bucket.

Answer: C


Which statement is true about the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage Service Snapshots?

  • A. It Is not possible to create snapshots from OCI console, but just the CLI
  • B. Snapshots are created under the root folder of file system, in a hidden directory named .snapshot
  • C. Snapshots are not incremental
  • D. You can restore the whole snapshot, but not the individual files

Answer: B

The File Storage service supports snapshots for data protection of your file system. Snapshots are a consistent, point-in-time view of your file systems. Snapshots are copy-on-write, and scoped to the entire file system. The File Storage service encrypts all file system and snapshot data at rest. You can take as many snapshots as you need.
Data usage is metered against differentiated snapshot data. If nothing has changed within the file system since the last snapshot was taken, the new snapshot does not consume more storage Snapshots are accessible under the root directory of the file system at .snapshot/name. For data protection, you can use a tool that supports NFSv3 to copy your data to a different availability domain, region, file system, object storage, or remote location.

You provisioned an Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW)on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and imported data into ADW.
You want to give your business analyst the ability to connect to the ADW database and run queries.
Which two actions can help you meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Grant the predefined database role DWROLE to the database user.
  • B. Create a database user account for the business analyst.
  • C. Grant the predefined database role DWADW to the database user.
  • D. Grant unlimited tablespace privilege to the database user.
  • E. Grant the predefineddatabase role DWUSER to the database user.

Answer: A,D



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