Though wow gold community has exercised a great deal of ideas that were awesome. No they have not. WOW Classic+ is an idea. Naxx equipment + means 1shot pvp so much stam that it is the other way round, no fresh 60 would even have an rng chance of winning a matchup they would have to produce a grab up raid ala ZG that could make all material before it meaningless. Thankyou. I dont understand how anyone actually believes WOW Classic+ might ever work. If blizz took these terrible ideas that these individuals have regurgitated on this sub, made an ideal balance of said terrible ideas, everyone could still bitch and whine like they've been performing for the first 8 months of WOW Classic.

What did disturb me the outside vanilla where the instant level fosters. PVP lvl caps, and people daily routines that are boundless. Beside that dungeon finder and rain finder is a complete turn away. If WOW Classic would be continued using everything with that, I would be in. I believe that you should give it a try. A warrior leveled 4 decades back on a pserver. It was my first drama thru of WOW Classic because 2008. I fucking loved it. I didnt do that time to any endgame. Idk what your aims are/would be. Well I love the notion of playing WOW the way it had been back in those days. Without any attribute updates and plans I think I may search for a different game that may give me that nostalgic atmosphere.

Well, I am on Mirage Raceway and the encounter was everywhere as"optimized" as you're assuming. I had been ahead of this curve (dinged 60 on Sept 6th), and yet I frequently grouped while levelling with people who didn't quite know or recall dungeons well. Heck, barely any group proved to be a melee/spell cleave, and not one of the very first degree 60s (at least Horde-side) got there through dungeon farming or AoE farming. The first lvl 60 Horde-side was a Druid, of everything.

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Yeah, I am fairly certain that, unless you are hellbent on playing on something such as Firemaw or Herod, you can have an enjoyable, TBC experience that is not fully min-maxed. Especially since the first TBC experience was a lot more min-maxed than in Vanilla (EJ already existed in the time, and while raid knowledge wasn't widespread, class knowledge was, including BiS lists and all that).