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F5 LTM Specialist: Maintain & Troubleshoot Sample Questions (Q99-Q104):

-- Exhibit-

-- Exhibit -
Refer to the exhibit.
A pair of LTM devices are deployed in a high-availability (HA) pair as the diagram shows. After inserting a new rule on the firewalls, the LTM devices become Standby. The rule drops alloutbound sessions to the Internet. Only inbound connections are allowed from the Internet. There are no other changes to the environment.
What triggered the LTM device failover?

  • A. HA Group
  • B. Auto Failback
  • C. VLAN Failsafe
  • D. Gateway Failsafe

Answer: D

-- Exhibit -

-- Exhibit --
Refer to the exhibit.
A client attempts to connect from a Google Chrome browser to a virtual server on a BIG-IP LTM.
The virtual server is SSL Offloaded. When the client connects, the client receives an SSL error.
After trying Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, the client still receives the same errors.
The LTM Specialist does an ssldump on the virtual server and receives the results as per the exhibit.
What is the problem?

  • A. The SSL key length is incorrect.
  • B. The BIG-IP LTM is NOT serving a certificate.
  • C. The client needs to be upgraded to the appropriate cipher-suite.
  • D. The BIG-IP LTM is NOT listening on port 443.

Answer: B

-- Exhibit -

-- Exhibit -
Refer to the exhibits.
Users are able to access the application when connecting directly to the web server but are unsuccessful when connecting to the virtual server. Return traffic bypasses the LTM device using Layer 2 nPath routing.
Which configuration change resolves this problem?

  • A. Configure a route on the web server to the client subnet.
  • B. Configure the VIP address on the loopback interface of the web server.
  • C. Configure the virtual server to listen on port 80 on the LTM device.
  • D. Enable a SNAT pool on the LTM device.
  • E. Disable address translation on the LTM device.

Answer: B

Given a tcpdump on an LTM device from both sides of a connection on the External and Internal VLANs, how should an LTM Specialist determine if SNAT is enabled for a particular pool?

  • A. by checking to see if the Source port is carried through from the External Vlan to the Internal Vlan
  • B. by checking to see if the Destination port is carried through from the External Vlan to the Internal Vlan
  • C. by checking to see if the Destination IP is carried through from the External Vlan to the Internal Vlan
  • D. by checking to see if the Source IP is carried through from the External Vlan to the Internal Vlan

Answer: D

-- Exhibit -

-- Exhibit --
Refer to the exhibit.
An LTM device is used to load balance web content over a secure channel.
The developers of the web content have done a trace using an HTTP profiler application. They believe that allowing the LTM device to compress traffic to the client will improve performance. The client can utilize GZIP or deflate compression algorithms.
An LTM Specialist must implement the compression.
The LTM Specialist has completed the following actions:
1. Create the relevant profile.
2. Apply the relevant profile to the virtual server (VS).
After applying the relevant profile, the LTM device is failing to compress the traffic. Instead, the traffic is being served with an error.
What is the problem?

  • A. The incorrect compression algorithm is applied to the compression profile.
  • B. The Protocol Profile (Client) option of "Allow Compression" needs to be enabled.
  • C. The Protocol Profile (Server) option of "Allow Compression" needs to be enabled.
  • D. The LTM device CANNOT SSL offload the traffic in order to read and compress it.

Answer: D


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