The beehives are handmade locally by Chris Jeuken. Chris, having grown up on a farm in the west of Ireland, was always exposed to the practical aspects of farm life. As a young school entrepreneur, he started designing and making built-to-order, portable chicken coops, selling them through his local network and beyond.  National Beehive

Complete National BeehiveMade fram New Zealand Fir.Includes1 Varroa Mesh Floor Assembled1 Brood Box [flat-packed] or {Assembled}1 or 2 Supers [flat-packed] or {Assembled}1 Crown Board1 Plastic Queen Excluder2 Porter Bee Escapes1 6-inch Roof Assembled4/6 Metal Frame Runners + nails for assemblyRequires 12 Brood Frames and 12 /24 Super Frames.

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