If you want to enjoy the intense session with your partner then both of you can try a masturbation session before engaging with each other. It will help both of you in enjoying mind-blowing intense sessions, so don’t wait for anything, just follow the masturbation tips mentioned below so that, you and your female escort can experience exciting entertainment with each other.

Always start with a relaxing activity

It would be best to start with a relaxing activity; this will help in making you feel happy about yourself and thus, both of you will be able to experience passionate fun with each other. Also, it would be great to start your solo session by simply looking into each other eyes but don’t touch each other and see how much both of you can control each other emotions. Just, try to focus on your self-enjoyment by simply playing with your erogenous zones.

Introduce a playlist for a more soothing session

If you are a music lover then playing some soothing music will let you both create an amazing experience. You can also ask your partner about her likes or dislikes and then depending on that, both of you can enjoy the real pleasures with each other without facing any kind of trouble. You both can concentrate on each other self-enjoyment but at the same time, you must check out what your partner is up to so that, at the time of intimacy, you can try the same things on for turning her on.

Take a fresh bath before engaging in the session

It would be great for both of you to take a fresh bath after participating in the masturbation sessions so that, both of you can feel comfortable with each other and thus, both of you can properly engage with each other. Also, it would be best if both of you keep communicating while engaging with each other because it will let you provide a great understanding and thus, you can have a good time with each other.

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