We carry out all legal procedures in the procedures for changing the legal status of companies
Changes in the state of society are mergers, acquisitions, divisions and changes in the form of society.

محامي مكتب العمل بجدة

Amalgamation joins two or more companies into one company. Thus a new society is created, which will be their legal successor until the amalgamated societies cease. All the assets, rights and liabilities of the merged companies are transferred to the new company created by the merger.

Through amalgamation, one company joins another company. In this case, the company that joined the other company disappears. The assets, rights and obligations of the merging company are transferred to the company merging therein.

A division can divide a company into two or more companies.

If one company is divided into two companies, two new entities are created, and the company that was divided ceases to exist as a legal entity. The division transfers the assets, rights and obligations to those new companies established by the division. These companies are their legal successors and are jointly and severally liable for their obligations.

ارقام محامين في مكة

A change in the form of the company occurs, for example, when a company incorporated and registered as a limited liability company changes its form to a joint stock company or vice versa.

For all changes in the said state, a decision must be made and decided by the founders in the manner prescribed by the incorporation act and the articles of association of the company itself.

It is important to note that all such changes of status must be made on the court record, which means that it is necessary to file an application for the purpose of making the changes.