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Salesforce Data-Architect Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Compare and contrast the different reasons for implementing Big Objects vs Standard
  • Custom objects within a production instance
  • Discuss the various options to identify, classify and protect personal and sensitive information
Topic 2
  • Recommend appropriate approaches and techniques to capture and maintain customer reference & metadata
  • Compare and contrast various techniques for improving performance when migrating large data volumes into Salesforce
Topic 3
  • Recommend and use techniques for establishing a "golden record" or "system of truth"
  • Recommend a data archiving and purging plan that is optimal for customer's data storage management needs
Topic 4
  • Describe techniques to represent a single view of the customer on the Salesforce platform
  • Recommend appropriate techniques and methods for ensuring high data quality at load time
Topic 5
  • Compare and contrast various techniques and considerations for designing a data model
  • Compare and contrast the various techniques, approaches and considerations for implementing Master Data Management Solutions
Topic 6
  • Recommend a design to effectively consolidate and
  • or leverage data from multiple Salesforce instances
  • Compare and contrast various techniques, approaches and considerations

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Salesforce Certified Data Architect Sample Questions (Q134-Q139):

Universal Containers has two systems. Salesforce and an on -premise ERP system. An architect has been tasked with copying Opportunity records to the ERP once they reach a Closed/Won Stage. The Opportunity record in the ERP system will be read-only for all fields copied in from Salesforce. What is the optimal real-time approach that achieves this solution?

  • A. Implement a Master Data Management system to determine system of record.
  • B. Implement an hourly integration to send Salesforce Opportunities to the ERP system.
  • C. Implement a workflow rule that sends Opportunity data through Outbound Messaging.
  • D. Have the ERP poll Salesforce nightly and bring in the desired Opportunities.

Answer: C

Universal Containers would like to remove data silos and connect their legacy CRM together with their ERP and with Salesforce. Most of their sales team has already migrated to Salesforce for daily use, although a few users are still on the old CRM until some functionality they require is completed. Which two techniques should be used for smooth interoperability now and in the future.

  • A. Replicate ongoing changes in the legacy CRM to Salesforce to facilitate a smooth transition when the legacy CRM is eventually retired.
  • B. Work with stakeholders to establish a Master Data Management plan for the system of record for specific objects, records, and fields.
  • C. Do not connect Salesforce and the legacy CRM to each other during this transition period, but do allow both to interact with the ERP.
  • D. Specify the legacy CRM as the system of record during transition until it is removed from operation and fully replaced by Salesforce.

Answer: B,D

Universal Container has a Sales Cloud implementation for a sales team and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) as a customer master Sales team are complaining about duplicate account and data quality issues with account data.
Which two solution should a data architect recommend to resolve the complaints?

  • A. Integrate Salesforce with ERP, and make ERP as system of truth.
  • B. Build a nightly batch job to de-dupe data, and merge account records.
  • C. Build a nightly sync job from ERP to Salesforce.
  • D. Implement a de-dupe solution and establish account ownership in Salesforce

Answer: A,D

Universal Containers (UC) wants to store product data in Salesforce, but the standard Product object does not support the more complex hierarchical structure which is currently being used in the product master system. How can UC modify the standard Product object model to support a hierarchical data structure in order to synchronize product data from the source system to Salesforce?

  • A. Create a custom lookup filed on the standard Product to reference the child record in the hierarchy.
  • B. Create an Apex trigger to synchronize the Product Family standard picklist field on the Product object.
  • C. Create a custom master-detail field on the standard Product to reference the child record in the hierarchy.
  • D. Create a custom lookup field on the standard Product to reference the parent record in the hierarchy.

Answer: D

UC has a requirement to migrate 100 million order records from a legacy ERP application into the salesforce platform. UC does not have any requirements around reporting on the migrated data.
What should a data architect recommend to reduce the performance degradation of the platform?

  • A. Create a custom object to store the data.
  • B. Implement a custom big object to store the data.
  • C. Use a standard big object defined by salesforce.
  • D. Use the standard "Order" object to store the data.

Answer: B


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