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VMware 5V0-42.21 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Given a scenario about managing Edges, identify the required configuration that should be used
  • Identify the benefits and key differentiators of VMware SD-WAN
Topic 2
  • Given a business policies requirement scenario, identify which link steering method should be used
  • Identify how SDN relates to the VMware SD-WAN technology
Topic 3
  • Given a Gateway deployment scenario, identify the deployment steps
  • Identify how HIgh Availability is configured in VMware SD-WAN architecture
Topic 4
  • Given a scenario, identify how to design SD-WAN to meet the customer's requirements
  • Identify the roles of key components of the VMware SD-WAN in the SD-WAN architecture
Topic 5
  • Given a scenario about managing a Gateway, identify the required configuaration that should be used
  • Identify the form factors for VMware SD-WAN in the SD-WAN architecture
Topic 6
  • Given a customer scenario, identify which Partner Gateway redundancy should be chosen
  • VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud Architecture
Topic 7
  • Given a application, identify the criteria VMware SD-WAN uses to identify the application
  • Identify the functionality of the SD-WAN Gateway handoff implemenation
Topic 8
  • Given a business policies requirement scenario, identify how to direct internet traffic
  • Identify Edge HA options and operations
Topic 9
  • Identify the protocols and part numbers used in the communication between VMware SD-WAN components
  • Identify the roles and assignments of VMware SD-WAN Gateways

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VMware SD-WAN Design and Deploy Skills Sample Questions (Q14-Q19):

An Enterprise customer just acquired a new company, and the Network Enterprise administrator was tasked to integrate over 20 new branches into their existing SD-WAN network. However, these branches have overlapping IPs with the existing branches subnets.

  • A. Configure a LAN-side NAT rule at the branchdevice settings, translating its subnets into a new non-overlapping subnet
  • B. Configure a NAT hand off rule at the VMware SD WAN gateway assigned to these new blanches, translating the new branch subnets into a new nan-overlappingsubnet
  • C. Configure a policy based NAT tor each branch translating its subnets Into a new non-overlappingsubnet
  • D. Configure a NAT firewall rule in each branch, translating itssubnets into a new non-overlapping subnet

Answer: A

What is considered a typical VMware SD-WAN use case?

  • A. Provide high speed layer 2 data center interconnects.
  • B. Provide cloud delivered central management Orchestrator toimplementcomplex design network integration options.
  • C. Provide a distributed (per device) commands line interface (CLI) based configurations to implement complex network designintegrationoptions.
  • D. Provide management, control plane, and data forwarding from a single system to reduce complexly for the network administrator.

Answer: D

Which port is used for communication between VMware SD-WAN Edge and Orchestrator if there are no tunnels established to the Gateways?

  • A. UDF 2426
  • B. TCP 80
  • C. UDP 500
  • D. TCP 443

Answer: A

Company a has recently acquired Company B, which has two remote office. Company A is using VMware hosted Cloud Gateways, and Company B is using a VMware SD-WAN with a Hub-Spoke topology.
Which VEware Cloud VPN solution an administrator configure to establish connectivity between the offices of Company A and Company B?

  • A. Branch to CASH
  • B. Site-to-Site VPN
  • C. Branch to Non VMware SU-WAN Site
  • D. Branch to Branch VPN

Answer: A

A customer is migrating a branch site with a VMware SD-WAN Edge coexisting with the CE. The Edge will be connected to internet link directly while connecting to the CE via a Layer 3 LAN switch.
MPLS underlay is the preferred path for communication from this site to branch sites that have no VMware SD-WAN Edges. Communication from this site to branch sites that have VMware SD-WAN Edges should go through overlay.

  • A. Use BGP as the rout.ng protocol on UK Edge and flag its BGP neighbor to the Layer 3 LAN switch as Uplink.
  • B. Use BGP as the routing protocol on the Edge and flag its HGP neighbor to PE as Uplink.
  • C. Use BGP as the routine, protocol on the Edge and flag its BGP neighbor to GE as Uplink.
  • D. Use BGP as the routing protocol on the Edge and filter prefixes from CE using Uplink Community

Answer: B


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