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IAPP CIPP-E Practice Test Questions, IAPP CIPP-E Exam Practice Test Questions

The Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) certification is one of the privacy & data protection options provided by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). The CIPP certificate comes in four concentrations, each related to a specific region. There are different CIPP certifications in Canada (CIPP/C), the USA (CIPP/US), and Asia (CIPP/A), but the most common is the European one (CIPP/E). The certificates differ in the level of complexity and peculiarity of the knowledge and skills measured.

The CIPP/E certification is designed to validate one’s knowledge of the legislation and fundamental rules in the domain of personal data protection. This certificate confirms that you have a solid understanding of the fundamental privacy principles, are conversant with the regulation and laws on personal data storage, handling, and transfer, and know how to apply them. This is the first professional certification designed specifically for the European data protection experts.

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The IAPP defines this certification as perfect for “the go-to person for privacy laws, guidelines and frameworks” in a company. This target market can include many other senior personal privacy or security experts with IT training experience, but can also include individuals belonging to the government, legal, or administrative companies whose job it is to keep the information confidential. and also in terms of security. This is doubled for those involved in legal and compliance requests, information monitoring, information management, and even personal (as privacy is an individual matter at heart, including personal data).

Since privacy protection and private data protection are generally heavily managed and based on legal systems and frameworks, the IAPP provides variations of CIPP accreditation where this material and coverage has been “localized” for directives. applicable laws and regulations. and ideal techniques.There are five such versions available: Asia (CIPP / A), Canada (CIPP / C), Europe (CIPP / E), US government (CIPP / G), and US private sector (CIPP) / USA). At the time of writing, CIPP / E necessarily offers the most direct and specific coverage of GDPR topics.

This exam guide is designed to assist you to evaluate if you prepare to successfully finish the IAPP CIPP/E examination.

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IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) Sample Questions (Q137-Q142):

Bioface is a company based in the United States. It has no servers, personnel or assets in the European Union. By collecting photographs from social media and other web-based services, such as newspapers and blogs, it uses machine learning to develop a facial recognition algorithm. The algorithm identifies individuals in photographs who are not in its data set based the algorithm and its existing dat a. The service collects photographs of data subjects in the European Union and will identify them if presented with their photographs. Bioface offers its service to government agencies and companies in the United States and Canada, but not to those in the European Union. Bioface does not offer the service to individuals.
Why is Bioface subject to the territorial scope of the General Data Protection Regulation?

  • A. It collects data from subjects and uses it for automated processing.
  • B. It offers services in the European Union by identifying data subjects in the European Union.
  • C. It collects data from European Union websites, which constitutes an establishment in the European Union.
  • D. It monitors the behavior of data subjects in the European Union.

Answer: C

Which of the following is NOT considered a fair processing practice in relation to the transparency principle?

  • A. Providing a QR code linking to more detailed privacy notice, in a CCTV sign.
  • B. Providing a "just-in-time" contextual pop-up privacy notice, in an online application from field.
  • C. Providing a multi-layered privacy notice, in a website environment.
  • D. Providing a hyperlink to the organization's home page, in a hard copy application form.

Answer: C

The GDPR requires controllers to supply data subjects with detailed information about the processing of their dat a. Where a controller obtains data directly from data subjects, which of the following items of information does NOT legally have to be supplied?

  • A. The recipients or categories of recipients.
  • B. The rights of access, erasure, restriction, and portability.
  • C. The right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.
  • D. The categories of personal data concerned.

Answer: D

According to Article 14 of the GDPR, how long does a controller have to provide a data subject with necessary privacy information, if that subject's personal data has been obtained from other sources?

  • A. Within a reasonable period after obtaining the personal data, but no later than one month.
  • B. Within a reasonable period after obtaining the personal data, but no later than eight weeks.
  • C. As soon as possible after obtaining the personal data.
  • D. As soon as possible after the first communication with the data subject.

Answer: C

Higher fines are assessed for GDPR violations due to which of the following?

  • A. Violations of a data controller's obligations to obtain a child's consent
  • B. Violations of a data subject"s rights
  • C. Failure to notify a supervisory authority and data subjects of a personal data breach
  • D. Failure to appoint a data protection officer.

Answer: A


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