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Oracle 1z0-1068-22 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Explain the features that support account-based commerce
  • Edit storefront components in the Administration UI
Topic 2
  • Manage languages and catalogs in a multisite environment
  • What’s New in Commerce: Publishing Save Conflicts 22A
Topic 3
  • Explain typical custom integration projects in a store implementation
  • Describe the provisioned environments provided to you
Topic 4
  • Multiple Sites in a Single Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) Instance
  • Multisite Implementation- Site Setup and management using REST API
Topic 5
  • Explain the capabilities of the extension framework
  • Configure widgets to support custom payment
Topic 6
  • Configure B2B features in the Administration UI
  • Use storefront libraries in widget JavaScript

Oracle CX Commerce 2022 Implementation Essentials Sample Questions (Q51-Q56):

Given the example widget configurationdefinition:

Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

  • A. The value can be either true or false
  • B. You can reference the configuration inthe widget JavaScript assite.enabled()
  • C. The widget configuration setting does not have a default value
  • D. The widget configuration setting will appear as a dropdown
  • E. You can reference the configuration in the widget JavaScript aswidget.enabled()

Answer: A,D

A company is setting up multiple country-specific sites that have unique emails, separatepayment gateways and shipping methods by country, and other site-specific settings. They share Oracle integrations (e.g. Oracle Retail Order Management System Cloud, Oracle Loyalty Cloud, Oracle Customer Experience Cloud). They plan to add sites in the Administration UI.
Based on their use case, when should they create the additional sites to minimize the changes they need to make?

  • A. At any time, because updates to shared configuration to the default site alter the child sites.
  • B. Create the additional sites before configuring anything on the default site.
  • C. Configure the default site fully and then add the additional sites.
  • D. Configure the Oracle integrations for the default site and then create additional sites.

Answer: A

The business team has decided to add order approvals into the B2B storefront.
What three things do you need to configure in order to implement this functionality? (Choosethree.)

  • A. Ensure that an invoice payment type is configured in the Payment Methodswidget instance
  • B. Add order approval functionality into the B2B Checkout Layout
  • C. Specify a Price Hold Period for an approved order
  • D. Configure B2B Storefront administrative privileges for account shoppers to request an order approval
  • E. Set the frequency of the Order Cancellation service

Answer: B,D,E

In the Commerce Cloud implementation of the Model-View-ViewModel architecture pattern, what does the View represent?

  • A. Store data, encapsulated in JSON
  • B. Widget JavaScript
  • C. Widget localization string resources
  • D. Widget HTML template

Answer: D

Given the example custom widget template code:

Where will the value of displayName be read from?

  • A. Widget observable attributes
  • B. The widget $data variable
  • C. The widget locale resources
  • D. Product view model

Answer: D


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