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Salesforce Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer Exam

Salesforce Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer Exam is related to Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer (SU18) Certification. This exam validates the Candidate knowledge to assesses the architecture environment and requirements and designs sound, scalable, and performance solutions on the Lightning Platform. It also deals with the ability to meet the requirements of large-data-volume enterprises, as well as how they understand enterprise data management and stewardship concerns and considerations in relation to projects.

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Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer Sample Questions (Q219-Q224):

Universal Containers keeps its Account data in Salesforce and its Invoice data in a third - party ERP system. They have connected the Invoice data through a Salesforce external object. They want data from both Accounts and Invoices visible in one report in one place.
What two approaches should an architect suggest for achieving this solution? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Create a Visualforce page combining Salesforce Account data and Invoice external object data.
  • B. Create a separate Salesforce report for Accounts and Invoices and combine them in a dashboard.
  • C. Create a report combining data from the Account standard object and the Invoices external object.
  • D. Create a report in an external system combining Salesforce Account data and Invoice data from the ERP.

Answer: A,D

Cloud Kicks needs to optimize data stewardship engagement for a Salesforce instance.
Before proposing design recommendations, the Data Architect is first assessing relevant areas of Salesforce.
Which three areas are appropriate to assess? (Choose three.)

  • A. Export the setup audit trail to review what fields are being used.
  • B. Run key reports to determine what fields should be required.
  • C. Determine if any integration points create records in Salesforce.
  • D. Assess the sharing model to determine impact on duplicate records.
  • E. Assess the metadata xml files for redundant fields to consolidate.

Answer: B,D,E


Universal Containers (UC) has an Application custom object, which has tens of millions of records created in the past 5 years. UC needs the last 5 years of data to exist in Salesforce at all times for reporting and queries.
UC is currently encountering performance issues when reporting and running queries on this Object using date ranges as filters. Which two options can be used to improve report performance?

  • A. Add custom indexes to all fields on Application without a standard index.
  • B. Ask support to create a skinny table for Application with the necessary reporting fields.
  • C. Run multiple reports to get different pieces of the data and combine them.
  • D. Add custom indexes to the Date fields used for filtering the report.

Answer: B,D

Every year, Ursa Major Solar has more than 1 million orders. Each order contains an average of 10 line items.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) needs the Sales Reps to see how much money each customer generates year-over-year. However, data storage is running low in Salesforce.
Which approach for data archiving is appropriate for this scenario?

  • A. 1. Annually export and delete orders and order line items. 2. Store them in a zip file in case the data is needed later.
  • B. 1. Annually export and delete order line items. 2. Store them in a zip file in case the data is needed later.
  • C. 1. Annually delete orders and order line items. 2. Ensure the customer has order information in another system.
  • D. 1. Annually aggregate order amount data to store in a custom object. 2. Delete those orders and order line items.

Answer: D

Salesforce is being deployed in Ursa Major Solar's disparate, multi-system ERP environment. Ursa major Solar wants to maintain data synchronization between systems.
Which two techniques should be used to achieve this goal? (Choose two.)

  • A. Build synchronization reports and dashboards.
  • B. Utilize an MDM strategy to outline a single source of truth.
  • C. Integrate Salesforce with the ERP environment.
  • D. Utilize workbench to update files within systems.

Answer: B,C


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