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Salesforce Identity-and-Access-Management-Architect Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Describe common authentication patterns and understand the differences between each one
  • Given a scenario, identify the configuration settings for a Connected app
Topic 2
  • Given a scenario identify if Salesforce Customer 360 Identity fits into a fully developed Customer 360 solution
  • Given a use case, describe when Salesforce is used as a Service Provider
Topic 3
  • Given a scenario, describe what tools you can apply to audit and verify the activity
  • user during and after login
  • Describe how trust is established between two systems
Topic 4
  • Identify the ways that users can be provisioned in Salesforce to enable SSO and apply access rights
  • Identify the auditing and monitoring approaches available on the platform
Topic 5
  • Troubleshoot common points of failure that may be encountered in a single sign-on solution
  • Describe the tools that are available to diagnose IdP issues
Topic 6
  • Describe the capabilities for customizing the user experience for Experience Cloud
  • Given a scenario, identify the most appropriate OAuth flow
Topic 7
  • Given a requirement, understand the advantages and limitations of External Identity solutions and associated licenses
  • Identify the role Identity Connect product plays in a Salesforce Identity implementation
Topic 8
  • Given a scenario, recommend appropriate Scope and Configuration of the connected App for Authorization
  • Given a scenario, determine when to use embedded login

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Salesforce Certified Identity and Access Management Architect Sample Questions (Q69-Q74):

Universal Containers (UC) is both a Salesforce and Google Apps customer. The UC IT team would like to manage the users for both systems in a single place to reduce administrative burden. Which two optimal ways can the IT team provision users and allow Single Sign-on between Salesforce and Google Apps ? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Use Identity Connect as the Identity Provider for both Salesforce and Google Apps and manage the provisioning from there.
  • B. Build a custom app running on Heroku as the Identity Provider that can sync user information between Salesforce and Google Apps.
  • C. Use Salesforce as the Identity Provider and Google Apps as a Service Provider and configure User Provisioning for Connected Apps.
  • D. Use a third-party product as the Identity Provider for both Salesforce and Google Apps and manage the provisioning from there.

Answer: C,D

Universal Container's (UC) is using Salesforce Experience Cloud site for its container wholesale business. The identity architect wants to an authentication provider for the new site.
Which two options should be utilized in creating an authentication provider?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. The default authentication provider certificate can be set.
  • B. A custom registration handier can be set.
  • C. A custom error URL can be set.
  • D. The default login user can be set.

Answer: B,C

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has a number of employees who do NOT need access Salesforce objects. Trie employees should sign in to a custom Benefits web app using their Salesforce credentials.
Which license should the identity architect recommend to fulfill this requirement?

  • A. External Identity License
  • B. Identity Connect License
  • C. Identity Only License
  • D. Identity Verification Credits Add-on License

Answer: C

Universal Containers (UC) is building an authenticated Customer Community for its customers. UC does not want customer credentials stored in Salesforce and is confident its customers would be willing to use their social media credentials to authenticate to the community. Which two actions should an Architect recommend UC to take?

  • A. Create a Custom Apex Registration Handler to handle new and existing users.
  • B. Use Delegated Authentication to call the Twitter login API to authenticate users.
  • C. Configure SSO Settings For Facebook to serve as a SAML Identity Provider.
  • D. Configure an Authentication Provider for LinkedIn Social Media Accounts.

Answer: A,D

Universal Containers (UC) implemented SSO to a third-party system for their Salesforce users to access the App Launcher. UC enabled "User Provisioning" on the Connected App so that changes to user accounts can be synched between Salesforce and the third party system. However, UC quickly notices that changes to user roles in Salesforce are not getting synched to the third-party system. What is the most likely reason for this behaviour?

  • A. User Provisioning for Connected Apps does not support role sync.
  • B. Required operation(s) was not mapped in User Provisioning Settings.
  • C. Salesforce roles have more than three levels in the role hierarchy.
  • D. The Approval queue for User Provisioning Requests is unmonitored.

Answer: A


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