Salesforce as a CRM is exceptional, everyone knows that. But in order to truly harness the power of the CRM, you need to have a portal that can give a window for customers to interact with your business.

And within that, a business needs to be able to configure custom objects within the portal to really get the most out of it.

For the Salesforce Experience Cloud, the Customer Community license, Customer Community Plus Licence, Partner Community Licence, and Channel Account Licence all allow for 10 custom objects per license.

Let’s look at how to configure Custom Objects for the Salesforce customer portal.

Try It Yourself:

1. In your Salesforce org, click and select Setup to open Setup.

2. Click the Object Manager tab. If you don’t see it, enter Object Manager in the Quick Find box.

3. On the Object Manager page, click Create | Custom Object.

Object Manager

4. For Label, enter whatever you want to call your custom object. Notice that the Object Name and Record Name fields auto-fill.

5. For Plural Label, enter the plural form of your custom object name.

6. Check the box for Launch New Custom Tab Wizard after saving this custom object.

7. Leave the rest of the values as default and click Save.

8. On the New Custom Object Tab page, click the Tab Style field and select a style you like. The style sets the icon to display in the UI for the object.

9. Click Next, Next, and Save.

Now that we have seen how to enable them, let’s look at how Custom Objects can be helpful.

Any standard software targeted at various industries comes with standard features—or objects, in this case. So, for example, the portal will have the facility to show products, but within products, you might not be able to show a video. However, your industry depends on product videos within product pages. The only option you have is to create a custom object for the same.

In this way, Salesforce allows you to create 10 custom objects per license for all you have to add to the portal that can tailor it to your customers’ or industry’s needs.

About CRMJetty:

However, suppose your needs are not being met with the limited number of Custom Objects. In that case, we have a product for you that has no such limitations—PortalXpand, a Salesforce Customer Portal. It allows unlimited Custom Objects and no restrictions on role-based rights for viewing, editing, and deleting.