Today, a female colleague in our company came to me to complain about her poor external appearance. She can’t go without makeup and has recently started learning how to apply makeup. In order to look better and have thicker and denser eyelashes to make her eyes look bigger and brighter, she started wearing false eyelashes. However, she has been having difficulty removing them every night, and accidentally pulls out some of her real eyelashes in the process. I can understand her pain because I experienced the same thing when I first started learning makeup. Today, I will share with you how to remove eyelash glue from eyes and how to take eyelash extensions off, hoping that you won’t have any more trouble and can confidently wear false eyelashes.

Method 1: Use Regular Makeup Remover

Soak a cotton swab or cotton pad in makeup remover. The cotton swab or cotton pad does not need to be too large, just enough to apply to the roots of the eyelashes. Use the cotton swab or cotton pad to gently rub the roots of the eyelashes for about 2-5 minutes. Then, gently remove the false eyelashes with your hands or tweezers. Finally, clean the eye area.

Method 2: Use Special Eye Makeup Remover

Directly apply special eye makeup remover to the place where the false eyelashes are attached. After about a minute, use tweezers to remove the false eyelashes. Then, clean the eye area.

Method 3: Use Steam And Olive Oil

How to get eyelash glue off your eyes naturally?Olive oil is definitely one of the most natural ways to do this. The oil dissolves the eyelash glue better and is gentle and moisturizing without irritation or adverse reactions. Of course, one thing that needs special attention is that the amount of olive oil should not be more than a little. Especially if you have oily skin type, you should pay more attention to the dosage. If you don’t have makeup remover at home, you can try the combination of steam and olive oil to remove eye makeup. Boil a pot of hot water to produce steam, face towards the steam. Be careful with the temperature and make sure it’s not too hot to irritate your skin. Let the eye area be surrounded by steam. Soak a cotton swab or cotton pad in olive oil and gently rub the roots of the eyelashes until the false eyelashes fall off. Then, clean the eye area.

Method 4: Use Eye And Lip Makeup Remover

This is the easiest and most common method. Soak a cotton pad in the eye and lip makeup remover, and then place it on your eyes. This will easily remove eyelash glue.

Special Precautions

  1. When applying makeup remover/eye makeup remover/olive oil to the roots of the false eyelashes, be sure to be gentle and not use too much force.
  2. Generally, false eyelashes will fall off automatically after a while. Don’t pull them off directly to save time, as this may pull out your own real eyelashes and cause eyelids sagging over time.
  3. After removing the false eyelashes, be sure to pay attention to eye hygiene. Whether using makeup remover or face wash, avoid rubbing the eye area and use your fingers to slowly clean the eye area in a circular motion.