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Topics of Salesforce DEX-450 Exam

Aspirants must know the exam topics before they start of preparation. Because it will help them to prepare for the below concepts.DEX-450 exam will include the following topics:

1. Objects and Fields

Describe the capabilities of objects on the Salesforce platformCreate a custom objectCreate custom fieldsCreate relationship fields

2. Work Effectively with Custom Objects and Fields

Create formula fieldsCreate roll-up summary fieldsDescribe the capabilities of record types

3. Programming with Apex

Describe key aspects of Apex that differentiate it from other languages, such as Java and C#Describe why Apex transactions and governor limits must be considered when writing ApexExecute simple ApexUse the sObject data type, the primitive data types, and basic control statements in Apex

4. Use SOQL to Query Your Org's Data

Write a basic query using Salesforce's query language, SOQLProcess the result of a query in ApexCreate a query dynamically at run-time Use SOQL to Query - Parent-Child RelationshipsDescribe a relationship queryWrite a query that traverses a child-to-parent relationshipWrite a query that traverses a parent-to-child relationship

5. DML Essentials

List the differences between the ways you can invoke DML operationsWrite Apex to invoke DML operations and handle DML errors

6. Trigger Essentials

Describe what a trigger is used forDescribe the syntax of a trigger definitionUse trigger context variables

7. Apex Class Essentials

Describe how Apex classes are usedDefine an Apex classDetermine what data an Apex class can access

8. The Save Order of Execution and Apex Transactions

Describe key points in the Order of ExecutionDescribe how triggers fit into and can be impacted by the Order of ExecutionDescribe the lifecycle of an Apex TransactionDescribe the memory lifecycle for static variables

9. Testing Essentials

Describe Apex's testing frameworkCreate test dataWrite and run an Apex test

10. Testing Strategies

Describe practices for writing code that is easy to maintain and extendWrite triggers and classes that assume batches of data as inputWrite code that works efficiently with the database, both in querying and using DML

11. Strategies for Designing Efficient Apex Solutions

Determine your code coverage percentagesCreate tests using best practices

12. Trigger Design Strategies

List declarative mechanisms you can use to implement complex business logic, for what types of problems they are best used, and their limitationsDescribe ways in which you can use declarative functionality to improve your programmatic solutions

13. Creating Visualforce Pages

Create a Visualforce pageReference a standard controllerLaunch a Visualforce page using a custom buttonDisplay data from a record in a Visualforce page

14. Exploring the View and Controller Layers of Visualforce

Create a Visualforce pageDisplay related dataInvoke standard controller actions

15. Working with Custom Controllers and Controller Extensions

Create controller extensionsCreate a custom controllerWork with propertiesUse PageReferencesInvoke custom methods in Visualforce pages14.Working with List Controllers and SOSL Queries

Use a standard list controller in a Visualforce pageCreate a SOSL queryCreate a custom list controller

16. Visualforce Development Considerations

Determine whether a declarative solution exists for your requirementsDescribe common governor limit issues and security concernsDescribe Visualforce strategies Testing Visualforce ControllersDescribe how a Visualforce controller interacts with the viewWrite tests for controller constructorsWrite tests for action methods, getters, setters, and properties

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Salesforce Programmatic Development using Apex and Visualforce in Lightning Experience Sample Questions (Q76-Q81):

A platform developer needs to write an apex method that will only perform an action if a record is assigned to a specific record type. Which two options allow the developer to dynamically determine the ID of the required record type by its name? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Execute a SOQL query on the recordtype object
  • B. Hardcore the ID as a constant in an apex class
  • C. Use the getrecordtypeinfosbydevelopername() method in the describesobjectresult class
  • D. Make an outbound web services call to the SOAP API

Answer: A,C

A developer needs to test an Invoicing system integration. After reviewing the number of transactions required for the test, the developer estimates that the test data will total about 2 GB of data storage. Production data is not required for the integration testing.
Which two environments meet the requirements for testing? (Choose two.)

  • A. Developer Sandbox
  • B. Developer Pro Sandbox
  • C. Full Sandbox
  • D. Developer Edition
  • E. Partial Sandbox

Answer: C,E

When using SalesforceDX, what does a developer need to enable to create and manage scratch orgs?

  • A. Production
  • B. Sandbox
  • C. Environment Hub
  • D. Dev Hub

Answer: D

Explanation: When using SalesforceDX, a developer needs to enable Dev Hub in order to create and manage scratch orgs. A Dev Hub is a special type of org used by developers to store source code and other development-related artifacts. It is also used to create and manage scratch orgs, which are temporary orgs used for development and testing. Reference:

Which two number expression evaluate correctly? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Integer I = 3.14159;
  • B. Decimal D = 3.14159;
  • C. Double D =3.14159;
  • D. Long I = 3.14159;

Answer: B,C

A developer must write an Apex method that will be called from a Lightning component. The method may delete an Account stored in the accountRec variable.
Which method should a developer use to ensure only users that should be able to delete Accounts can successfully perform deletions?

  • A. Account.isDeletable()
  • B. accountRec.isDeletable()
  • C. Schema.sObjectType.Account.isDeletable()
  • D. accountRec.sObjectType.isDeletable()

Answer: C


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