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Learning guide CIMA F3: Financial Strategy Exam

Exam Blueprint of CIMA F3: Financial Strategy Exam

Tips to Prepare the exam in a short amount of time

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Certification Path for CIMA F3: Financial Strategy Exam

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CIMA F3 Financial Strategy Sample Questions (Q33-Q38):

A private company was formed five years ago and is currently owned and managed by its five founders. The founders, who each own the same number of shares have generally co-operated effectively but there have also been a number of areas where they have disagreed
The company has grown significantly over this period by re-investing its earnings into new investments which have produced excellent returns
The founders are now considering an Initial Public Offering by listing 70% of the shares on the local stock exchange
Which THREE of the following statements about the advantages of a listing are valid?

  • A. Helps access to wider sources of finance.
  • B. Increases the profile and reputation of the business.
  • C. Increases dividend payouts
  • D. Provides an exit route for the founders
  • E. Reduces agency conflict

Answer: A,B,D

A company has identified potential profitable investments that would require a total of S50 million capital expenditure over the next two years The following information is relevant.
* The company has 100 million shares in issue and has a market capitalisation of S500 million
* It has a target debt to equity ratio of 40% based on market values This ratio is currently 30%
* Earnings for the current year are expected to be S1 00 million
* Its last dividend payment was $1 per share One of the company's objectives is to increase dividends by at least 10% each year
* The company has no cash reserves
Which of the following is the most suitable method of financing to meet the company's requirements?

  • A. Reduce dividends for this year only to 50 cents a share.
  • B. Use a share repurchase scheme rather than pay a cash dividend
  • C. Maintain dividends at $1 per share for the next two years.
  • D. Increase debt to meet the target debt to equity ratio.

Answer: B

X exports goods to customers in a number of small countries Asia. At present, X invoices customers in X's home currency.
The Sales Director has proposed that X should begin to invoice in the customers currency, and the Treasurers considering the implications of the proposal.
Which TWO of the following statement are correct?

  • A. X may be able to sell the receipts forward.
  • B. The customer will tear the foreign exchange risk and will only buy from X if they are prepared to accept this.
  • C. If the proposal is adopted, X will have a lower effective sales price per unit due to exchange rate fluctuations.
  • D. X will know advance the amount of home currency it will receive for the export sales.
  • E. The overseas customers may have difficulty obtaining X's name currency with which to make the purchases, so the Sales Director's proposal may increase sales.

Answer: C,E

The following information relates to Company A's current capital structure:

Company A is considering a change in the capital structure that will increase gearing to 30:70 (Debt:Equity).
The risk -free rate is 3% and the return on the market portfolio is expected to be 10%.
The rate of corporate tax is 25%
Using the Capital Asset Pricing Model, calculate the cost of equity resulting from the proposed change to the capital structure.

  • A. 12.3%
  • B. 9.3%
  • C. 11.4%
  • D. 10.1%

Answer: A

Company A, a listed company, plans to acquire Company T, which is also listed.
Additional information is:
* Company A has 150 million shares in issue, with market price currently at $7.00 per share.
* Company T has 120 million shares in issue,. with market price currently at $6.00 each share.
* Synergies valued at $50 million are expected to arise from the acquisition.
* The terms of the offer will be 2 shares in A for 3 shares in T.
Assuming the offer is accepted and the synergies are realised, what should the post-acquisition price of each of Company A's shares be?
Give your answer to two decimal places.




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