The second factor is the importance of drivers being able and well trained in terms of arriving on time and having a good knowledge of all the places that the driver works in within the city in which he is located.

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Product delivery and order transfer services have become a competitive advantage by many companies, and the most important advantage is the speed of delivery, as some companies provide an “immediate delivery” service for orders, which can take from some hours to a whole day, and the speed of delivery to electronic stores is one of the factors that Websites are interested in them due to several factors, including:

Ensuring customer satisfaction: The main factor for the success or failure of websites is to gain the trust and satisfaction of customers, by knowing their reactions to the quality and speed of the service provided to them.

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The experience of delivery workers: It is one of the important factors, as delivery companies must have a staff of customer service employees to respond to inquiries quickly and inform the time of arrival of orders to customers, as well as in terms of drivers working in those companies; Where they must have sufficient experience, train them in a good way, and provide all the tools and devices that help them to arrive quickly on time, such as providing GPS devices, and this helps speed up delivery to electronic stores.

Increasing the percentage of users: through the reactions that websites get from their customers, and the positive response from users; This will provide an opportunity to increase the number of visitors to commercial sites and increase the percentage of customers and their demand to purchase products.

Increasing profitability: as there are some emerging websites whose success depends initially on gaining the trust of customers, so you must provide fast delivery services in order to maintain that trust and continuity and then increase the profits of those commercial sites.