The Breitling brand is known worldwide for their time keeping perfection put into all their time pieces. To prove they are at the top of their game in 1999 they took the decision to challenge their production against the renowned testing procedures of the COSC. (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute). After passing this all of the Breitling watches now carry the Officially Certified Swiss Chronometer designation.

A Breitling watch with the COSC certificate should operate within -4/+6 seconds per day. If you have Breitling with the SuperQuartz movement then it shouldn't lose or gain any more then 10 seconds in a year. Different models will have different movements and newer versions of old models will have updated movements as Breilting are always improving and refining. In theory you shouldn't be able to over wind your watch as they have a protection mechanism built in. If you own a vintage model then you just need to wind it until it stops and don't force it any further as you might risk damaging the main spring. If your watch has completely stopped then it will take approximately 40 turns in a clockwise direction to fully wind it.

With their precise methods of manufacture, the Breitling watch was always hard to copy and produce replicas. Today's technology has changed this, with anyone determined enough, being able to get the tools needed to make high quality replicas and cloned Breitlings. This brings both positive and negative points for the customer. The obvious down fall is that it is hard to distinguish an original from a fake and this has become a skill and art in itself. On a positive note this means that most people can now afford a Breitling watch, and with the high standard of these clones, not many will know that you are wearing a replica.

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