The Epson T0611 functions especially formulated fast drying ink that enables you to manage your photographs and designs just after making without concern with streaks when compared with their competitor's dye-based ink that aren't smudge tolerant and may need some time to dry. The T0611 is made to last a long time. In reality, it's been scored to truly have a diminish weight rating of 105 years by the Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute that will be the known power in digital printing permanence testing. Images produced using T0611 and kept in a photo album may possibly last for approximately 200 years. You are able to just envision being able to reveal your entire thoughts to many ages to come.

Empowered by DuraBrite pigment ink engineering, the T0611 lets you print sharp photos and superior text. DuraBrite Really coloring printer doesn't get consumed in the report like conventional dye-based inks. They are wrapped in a particular resin and rest near the surface of the paper. The transmission level of the ink is thus managed permitting usefulness in your printing. With the T0611 you can also print on both parties of the report without bleed-through. And unlike the old pigment ink prints, the T0611 are enhanced to have richer colour productivity on all papers.

The Epson T0611 black inks can be utilized with Epson Stylus D68, Epson Stylus D68 Photo Version, Epson Stylus D88 Picture Edition, Epson Stylus D88+, Epson Stylus DX3800 Series, Epson Stylus DX3850 Line, Epson Stylus DX4200, Epson Stylus DX4250, Epson Stylus DX4800 Collection, and the Epson Stylus DX4850 printers. The Epson T0611's proportions are: 102mm long, 49mm broad and 23mm high and weighs about 125g. OEMs include about 8ml of black ink while non-OEM compatible container stretches this around 13ml of black ink. It styles around around 250 pages though it is very important to notice that making results ranges with printer used.

Epson T0611black color printer is a good investment for your property and company making wants and is particularly recommended for the SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) owners. Obtain fantastic benefits! Use Epson's T0611 black pigment ink dtf printer!