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CrowdStrike CCFA-200 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Allowlist network traffic so it can connect to contained hosts
  • Explain the information shown in the remote logon activity report
Topic 2
  • Explain what precedence does regarding prevention policies
  • Determine roles required for access to features and functionality in the Falcon console
Topic 3
  • Explain what information is contained in Machine-Learning Prevention Monitoring Report
  • Explain the effect of disabling detections on a host
Topic 4
  • Explain what information can be found in the visibility reports
  • Explain where build versions are visible for a single sensor or across your environment
Topic 5
  • Resolve policy settings, permissions and threshold issues
  • Apply basic sensor install requirements and installation processes
Topic 6
  • Create a new user, delete a user and edit a user, etc
  • Describe the capabilities and limitations of each RTR role
Topic 7
  • Explain what Machine Learning is "on sensor" vs. “the cloud”
  • Explain the impact of reduced functionality mode (RFM) and why it might be caused
Topic 8
  • Determine which reports to use when reporting on information relating to a host
  • Apply appropriate settings to successfully install a Falcon sensor on Windows, Linux and macOS
Topic 9
  • Describe policy types, components, application and workflow
  • Propose how filtering might be used in the Host Management page
Topic 10
  • Explain the differences between the visibility and hunting reports
  • Explain what information is in the Falcon UI Audit Trail Report
Topic 11
  • Perform root cause analysis related to system
  • user issues
  • Apply additional
  • advanced options for images
  • VDIs, tokens and tags

CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Administrator Sample Questions (Q75-Q80):

Your CISO has decided all Falcon Analysts should also have the ability to view files and file contents locally on compromised hosts, but without the ability to take them off the host. What is the most appropriate role that can be added to fullfil this requirement?

  • A. Real Time Responder - Read Only Analyst
  • B. Falcon Analyst - Read Only
  • C. Real Time Responder - Active Responder
  • D. Remediation Manager

Answer: B

On which page of the Falcon console would you create sensor groups?

  • A. Sensor update policies
  • B. Host management
  • C. Host groups
  • D. User management

Answer: C

How do you find a list of inactive sensors?

  • A. A sensor is always considered active until removed by an Administrator
  • B. The Falcon platform does not provide reporting for inactive sensors
  • C. Run the Sensor Aging Report within the Investigate option
  • D. Run the Inactive Sensor Report in the Host setup and management option

Answer: D

What are custom alerts based on?

  • A. Predefined alert templates
  • B. Custom event based triggers
  • C. Custom workflows
  • D. User defined Splunk queries

Answer: B

You have determined that you have numerous Machine Learning detections in your environment that are false positives. They are caused by a single binary that was custom written by a vendor for you and that binary is running on many endpoints. What is the best way to prevent these in the future?

  • A. Using IOC Management, add the hash of the binary in question and set the action to "Allow"
  • B. Contact support and request that they modify the Machine Learning settings to no longer include this detection
  • C. Using IOC Management, add the hash of the binary in question and set the action to "No Action"
  • D. Using IOC Management, add the hash of the binary in question and set the action to "Block, hide detection"

Answer: A


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